Epson introduces new 64-inch solvent printer: SureColor S30670

EpsonSureColor-lgSureColor S30670 is the latest in printing technology from Epson. The 64-inch device is the first ever solvent-based printer to use Epson’s MicroPiezo TFP print head, which delivers droplet sizes as small as 3.5 picolitres. It has double the nozzle density of Epson’s previous solvent printer, allowing for extremely fast printing speeds. These features “bring a new level of quality, performance and value to the signage, vehicle graphics and fine art markets,” says the company.

The S30670 model is a four-colour solvent printer (CMYK) that uses Epson’s new UltraChrome GS2 solvent-based ink technology. Developed by Epson, UltraChrome GS2 includes a newly formulated yellow ink that can produce prints with up to three years of outdoor durability without lamination. In addition, Epson says that these new inks deliver virtually odorless printing without the need for external dryers, special ventilation or air purification systems.

“Our first generation solvent printer — the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 — has been a game changer in the signage market over the last four years, bringing advanced image quality and an ink technology with less impact on the environment to the industry to open up a new range of applications for solvent printing,” said Reed Hecht, Epson’s Professional Imaging product manager. “The new SureColor S30670 offers advancements in print head and ink technology to deliver higher quality printing, faster and better, at an extreme overall value.”

The SureColor S30670 is capable of speeds up to 619 sq. ft. per hour in draft mode. For normal signage production, Epson recommends a production speed of 205 sq. ft. per hour. Because of its unique form of solvent ink, the printer works on virtually all standard coated or uncoated solvent media, including adhesive based vinyl and sign banner media, and it also prints on canvas media to produce fine art prints.

The printer will be available in April for a list price of $16,995.

7 thoughts on “Epson introduces new 64-inch solvent printer: SureColor S30670

  1. This printer is come with new technology and new features from epson. With these new features it will improve performance, speed, quality of work.

  2. i’ve got a GS6000, the print fade after 6 months, i’ve got problem with my reseller, i changed it with a latex printer, much better result.

  3. I have a GS6000 and I love everything about the print quality and print durability. The one complaint is the head strikes, other than that my outdoor signage has not faded in less than 1 year.

  4. I see the Epson SureColor S30670 price point to be tremendous. What other solvent printer sales for 17k at 64″ with new Print Head technology that increases through put as this printer does. I’m excited to see the 1440dpi prints off this machine… I guess the only real question is the new ink and its outdoor durability? If its as good as they state in there brochure these other companies who use Epson print technology will need to catch up quickly or be out a sale.

  5. We have an Epson GS6000, and we’re about to buy another printer because THE INK FADES VERY QUICKLY and we are having warranty issues!!

  6. We have a GS6000 still under warantee and the inks are fading in less than 6 months, prodominantly the orange and we laminate everything with manufacturers matched laminates. Sure, we are in Australia and we do experience our fair share of UV but this is supposed to be an indoor/outdoor printer!! Give me a break!! Would love to hear from other Epson GS6000 users that are having lightfast issues. This is obviously a real problem that Epson is trying to hide from in my experience.

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