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Give potential clients more reasons to do business with you.
As we slowly emerge from this pandemic, you’ll likely be extremely busy taking care of your customers’ printing and marketing needs. But will you be neglecting your own promotional needs as you safely re-open for business? Make it easier on yourself with your own customized, ready-to-print, 4-page, monthly printed newsletters created exclusively for print shops by Graphic Arts Magazine (GAM).
How it works

Every month our staff will create a professionally designed, written and researched, 4-page newsletter high-res PDF featuring informative, engaging and relevant content and graphics that capture reader interest. With these breath-of-fresh-air marketing newsletters, we do all the creative work for you. All you need to do is download, customize, print and mail/distribute.

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Easily and quickly customizable at a fraction of what it would cost to do yourself
Ready to print in full colour with minimal start-up and labour costs
Professionally designed content will showcase your shop’s creativity
Spend more time selling print and less time in production
Re-introdcue your products and services to former clients
Introduce your products and services to new and potential customers
Include monthly specials, discounts and other offers
Promote “welcome back” open houses and other events
Print additional copies in-store to attract more walk-in traffic
Edit newsletters to match specific customer demographics
We’ll keep your mailer looking fresh with eye-catching graphics and clear, crisp, images every month. Your marketing efforts, especially during this crucial time, will be on schedule with on-time delivery every month. Plus, we’ll ensure copyright compliance and proofread your newsletter to avoid content errors.
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Statistics underscore the power of direct mail and printed newsletters

Amid all the noise, clutter and complexity of our digital world, printed direct mail is still one of the most effective ways of engaging potential customers. According to Canada Post, direct mail gets noticed, opened and read because our brains are hard-wired to pay more attention to it due to its tactile nature. Studies show that marketing campaigns that integrate direct mail with digital elements elicit 39% more attention (i.e. time spent) than digital campaigns alone. Today, savvy commercial printers, marketers and ad agencies realize that they must incorporate direct mail into their promotions to be successful.

According to several online searches, email-only newsletters can average click-through rates from .5% up to 1.6%. However, a printed direct-mail newsletter can generate a 3% to 5% response rate. To give you another comparison, Mailchimp pegs the average click-through rate for all emails across all industries at 2.62%. Your shop’s printed newsletter, on the other hand, will be touched and seen. Ask yourself this: how likely are you to go back and open an email you skipped over earlier? The fact is that nearly everyone sorts through his or her printed mail at least weekly, if not daily. Plus, a printed newsletter also symbolizes a certain professionalism and a commitment to your clients that’s difficult to convey with e-newsletters or messages on a computer screen.

The cost

The cost of this 4-page printed-newsletter self-marketing program is $120 per month (minimum 6 month period). To get started, please fill out the form below.

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