Free whitepaper explores how 3D printing can be combined with more traditional technologies

Online resource has revealed, in a timely article by Clare Scott, a new, free whitepaper from Stratasys that explains how 3D printing can be combined with other, more traditional manufacturing technologies such as CNC machining, investment casting, injection molding, and so on. The whitepaper provides helpful information for anyone in the manufacturing field – especially those deciding if 3D printing can fit into their current, established processes and workflow.

More and more, additive manufacturing is now seen as a complementary technology, as witnessed by the increased in hybrid printers that combine 3D printing and CNC machining, said Now, Stratasys, one of the leading players in the 3D printing industry, is sharing some of that expertise via a new whitepaper titled How Additive and Traditional Manufacturing Mix. The whitepaper is free to download from after you fill out a brief form, by clicking here:

Kevin Nerem
Kevin Nerem

The paper features insights from Kevin Nerem, an applications engineer at Stratasys, on the ways that additive manufacturing can be used with more traditional manufacturing technologies. Nerem comments on how 3D printing and traditional manufacturing are enhancing each other at the moment, and how both will continue to evolve alongside each other. He also pinpoints areas for improvement, as well as how Stratasys’ technology can be incorporated into other manufacturing practices. “Most types of additive complement traditional manufacturing,” Nerem insisted. “Some types are better suited for manufacturing than others, but they all have a place. Additive is very practical for low-volume and/or highly complex parts. As the number of parts needed increases, traditional methods become more cost-effective.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.