New 3D printer up for grabs in Sinterit 3D Design Challenge

Sinterit's Lisa SLS 3D Printer.
Sinterit’s Lisa 3D Printer.

Leading 3D printer company Sinterit, which introduced its first product, the desktop SLS Lisa, two years ago, has teamed up with 3D printable model marketplace MyMiniFactory to launch the first consumer SLS Printer 3D Design Challenge. This is the first competition created especially for consumer SLS 3D printing design, said Sinterit. According to MyMiniFactory, “SLS 3D printing brings with it it’s own set of unique benefits and challenges, and through this competition MyMiniFactory is tasking their community with embracing the capabilities of the Sinterit Lisa in order to produce 3D printable designs that showcase what this machine can do.” The consumer-grade desktop SLS Lisa 3D printer is the grand prize and worth about $7,000 (USD). The system can produce moving and joined components in a single print, and is therefore ideal for highly detailed print jobs. The design challenge has been broken down into three separate themes that fit with the types of designs one might typically use Lisa to print – Mechanical, Math Art and Jewelry. Designers worldwide are allowed to enter their designs into all three of the categories as many times as they want.

Example of a 3D-printed Dual X Axis Cable Chain for the Mechanical Category.
Example of a 3D-printed Dual X Axis Cable Chain for the Mechanical Category.

The panel of judges from Sinterit and MyMiniFactory will be looking to see that designs are “well thought out” for SLS 3D printers (which have different capabilities than FDM and SLA printers). For example, the ‘plug-and-play’ Sinterit Lisa, which has a maximum build volume of 90 x 100 x 120 mm, offers freedom of form, durable prints and no support material. Take these into consideration when creating your designs, said the judges ,who will be examining closely how you incorporate those features into your work.

Sinterit will be printing the entered submissions on the Lisa, and images of the completed prints will be shared on the MyMiniFactory platform, together with the STL files for the designs. This will help designers see what their creations look like when 3D printed with SLS technology – so they can make a fully informed decision on whether or not they want to purchase their own Lisa 3D printer if they don’t win the contest. There’s no entry fee and submissions close on Tuesday, October 17. For more information including terms and conditions, please visit


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.