Mohawk College students to work with AMM – one of Canada’s leading 3D printing and engineering services provider

Toronto-based Additive Metal Manufacturing Incorporated (AMM) is joining forces with Mohawk College (Hamilton, Ontario) to give students in the college’s Mechanical Engineering Technology and Non-Destructive Testing programs the opportunity to work directly with the industry on developing advanced 3D manufacturing techniques and processes. Additive Metal Manufacturing provides 3D metal printing and engineering services to a broad range of customers spanning multiple industries. The company has become a respected leader in helping Canada’s manufacturing sector realize the benefits of additive manufacturing technology, while assisting with integrating the technology into their processes. AMM President Norman Holesh pointed out that Canada’s additive manufacturing industry is expected to see significant growth over the next few years, and that the collaboration between AMM and Mohawk will help the industry prepare for that growth.

Norman Holesh.

Mohawk students will work with AMM engineers on research and development projects aimed at helping manufacturers adopt additive manufacturing technology. The students will have the opportunity to work at both the Additive Manufacturing Centre at Mohawk, and AMM’s production facility in Toronto, where they’ll work directly with full-time engineers and customers to gain first-hand experience solving real-world commercial and engineering issues. Holesh added that the collaboration will help fill a need for skilled workers who have hands-on experience with the technology, and the commercial experience of working with real customers. “We’ve found that most graduates from universities and colleges don’t have the hands-on experience with the technology or the commercial experience of working with customers,” Holesh added. “This experience will teach them how to work with customers.”

Dr. Louie D’Orazio.
Dr. Louie D’Orazio.

For Mohawk, the AMM collaboration will provide students with valuable hands-on experience in an exciting new field. “3D printing is still in its infancy,” said Dr. Louie D’Orazio, a Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology and a Manufacturing Research Specialist at Mohawk. “This will connect students with industry and help ensure that there’s a growing pool of skilled talent that’s ready and able to help Canadian manufacturers integrate these technologies into their production.”

Holesh said that AMM chose to work with Mohawk because of the calibre of the students and the faculty. “It’s a natural fit. We’ve been very impressed with the calibre of the students, and with the work faculty members like Dr. D’Orazio has been doing to help speed up the adoption of additive technology by Canadian manufacturers.”


Tony Curcio is the editor of Graphic Arts Magazine.