Qualified leads are crucial to any business. Our online marketing specialist Greg Turner (one of Canada’s top experts on social media and author of Supersize Your Business, a digital
marketing guide to transform leads to profits) will help you get them through these five proven strategies:

1. Personalized landing pages linked from our website to yours and vice versa.
2. Promotion via Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn and other major online ad networks.
3. E-mail blasts to 30,000 industry professionals across Canada and the U.S.
4. Ads in our printed magazine and on our website.
5. Ongoing news and new product coverage in our magazine and on our website.

How it Works: The Lead Magnet

The Lead Magnet is the first step in our Lead Generation process. This is where we introduce prospects to your business and the value it creates. Once they’ve been introduced, we
present your core offer. The goal of the Lead Magnet is to attract the attention of prospects, then have them share their contact information. You choose the market segment you want
to target. The quicker you can deliver value, the sooner you can follow up with larger offers. Some common Lead Magnets include reports, whitepapers, product and training videos, trial
offers, first-time discounts, free shipping, surveys, assessments, etc.

Cost and duration

Most Lead Generation Packages are for a six-month period and the cost is normally $1,100 per month to generate 10 qualified leads each month. This varies depending on the strategies
you employ. Each package can be tailored to your specific needs and budget. We will provide one month free to develop your lead-generation package to ensure that it’s working properly.