NEW IN 2020

Qualified leads are crucial to the continued success of any business. So choose Graphic Arts Lead Generation Program to enhance every stage of your marketing efforts in 2020.

With our tiered approach of BUILDING AWARENESS, CAPTURING LEADS, and NURTURING CUSTOMERS, we now deliver a seamless method for consistently attracting qualified customers to your sales campaigns.

Tools used to Build, Capture and Nurture:

1. PURL’S (Personalized Landing Pages) are unique and personalized web addresses created for each recipient of an online or print message.
2. Professional and Social Media Network Promotions: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
3. E-mail Broadcasts to specific tindustry target groups.
4. Banner Advertisements on www.graphicartsmag.com
5. Print Ads/Advertorials in Graphic Art Magazine and on Graphicartsmag.com
6. Ongoing news and product updates and event coverage on all our trusted media channels


[ $800 per month ]

Here, we introduce prospects to your business and the value it creates by sending potential customers to a value add web destination, like a published article/blog post, landing page or web video series.


[ $1,500 per month ]

The goal here is to retain attention, and have new businesses exchange their contact information. We will drive leads from customers who show interest in your business via social media, custom built landing pages, email auto-responders and call to action links directly embedded onto our online news content.


[ $1,000 per month ]

The goal with this stage is to stay relevant with your existing and growing client base. Drive existing customers towards a promotional goal (upgrade on equipment or upsell on service), by sending each person a perfectly timed series of value content (emails/video/webinars).

All Lead Generation Programs are billed monthly, and may be cancelled at the end of the month. But we strongly recommend a minimum 6 month program commitment, as this typically gives our team enough time to plan, build, implement and monitor your campaign for continued long term success.