We have a number of proven online and print advertising vehicles that allow
you to reach your intended audience quickly and cost effectively.

1. We publish 10 times a year and reach over 10,500 shops across Canada.

2. Our readership averages 45,000 per printed issue.

3. We have over 30,000 targeted e-mail contacts for advertiser messages.

4. Our weekly e-newsletter goes to over 11,000 across Canada and the U.S.

5. Our digital edition reaches over 7,500 each month in Canada and the U.S.

6. Our website (www.graphicartsmag.com) is one of the most visited in the industry and averages 20,000 unique monthly visits.

7. Our primary audience is made up of industry decision-makers – senior ranked employees in the printing, sign making and packaging industries.

8. Our Social Media Department can generate about 200,000 monthly impressions on major platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

9. We have several inexpensive, business-building online and print marketing packages, as well as digital/print combination programs.

10. Our most recent program has been our Lead Generation Packages that deliver qualified leads to our advertising partners.