PostScript RIPs for Large Format Printing


EFI has launched their all-new Best Colorproof, Screenproof and Designer Edition Software. Using Adobe PostScript 3, an integrated spot color library for Pantone, HKS and Toyo, brand new spot color management and new printer support, these three software packages are more efficient, more flexible and enable faster job completion in the pre-press industry and in photo studios.

Features & Benefits

• Production and nesting tools

• The scalable server solution for pre-press service bureaus, printing / publishing houses, agencies

• Up to 15 input channels (queues) that can be configured individually

• Paper profiles for Best media and printer manufacturer’s paper already included

• Reference profiles for selected printing methods such as offset or newspaper printing already included

• Two on-screen previews

• Supports – Agfa, EPSON, HP, Kodak, Mutoh, Encad, Roland

• Supports many processed file formats and measuring instruments

• Macs print direct through PC print server The re-worked linearization function is worth mentioning. Version 5 makes it easier to achieve consistent color output on an inkjet or laser printer. It is based on colorimetric measurements and not color density values. BESTColor is the standard for ICC-calibrated output on inkjet and laser printers. This is the RIP we use for any high-end application! Prices start at $1162 for the Designer Edition and from $2788 for a large format RIP.

EFI/Epson Fiery Spark Professional 2.0 Software RIP

Introducing EFI’s next generation of high-performance software RIPs: The EFI Fiery Spark Professional RIP was designed to transform virtually any Windows 2000 Intel-based computer into a dedicated Adobe PostScript RIP. Utilizing EFI’s Command Workstation 4, users can manage all their critical jobs from one central location. Designed for the most demanding advertising agencies, print providers, commercial printers, prepress proofing, and design studios, the Fiery Spark Professional 2.0 RIP is the most powerful Adobe PostScript 3 RIP solution for Epson’s latest print engine technologies.

Features & Benefits

• True Adobe Postscript level 3 software RIP

• Fully PDF workflow ready

• EPSON AcuPhoto Halftoning Technology

• Spot On Color Matching System

• Optional EPSON Color Calibrator 3.1

• Fully adjustable CMYK color control, including dot gain

• Automatically or manually tile the print jobs

• Fully Configurable Hot Folders

• Fully Macintosh and Windows Compatible

• Supported Printers – Epson Stylus 10600, Stylus 9600, Stylus 7600 This RIP is a good choice for those who would like an easy to use RIP, featuring many profiles for existing Epson papers & media. (Cdn. $2899. to $4299)

Wasatch Software RIP

Wasatch SoftRIP for Windows is the gateway from all your graphic arts software to on-demand printing of posters, billboards, point-of-purchase displays, and more. I find this RIP used more in print-on-demand solutions, rather than print proofing.

Features •        Reads Level 3 PostScript, PDF, EPS, Tiff, JPG, DCS2

• ICC based color match proofing

• Multiple traditional and stochastic half toning options

• Automatic nesting saves paper

• Tiling – for enlargements beyond printer width

• Industry-standard ICC color management

• Reads files from Mac, Windows, and Unix systems

• Interactive preview, cropping, rotation, and resizing

• Calibration with direct interface to densitometry

Wasatch offers a single full-featured product with everything you need already in it. SoftRIP drives up to four inkjet printers at a time, with no charges tacked on for each additional printer. It’s full feature set is right to the point, with color control features for any level of expertise. Most operators are up and running without any additional training. (Cdn. $4199 for a large format RIP)

Onyx ProofCenter

Based on Onyx Graphics’ award-winning color engine and powerful RIP engine, Onyx ProofCenter includes a spot color lookup table for popular spot color matching of named spot colors in PostScript files. Custom spot colors can also be created. Media profiles are ICC compliant, assuring color accuracy and consistency from any application, platform, or file format. Custom media profiles can also be created by using Onyx’s optional Profile Generator.


• Operating System: Windows 2000, XP

• Integrated Color Management – optional ICC profile creation

• Screen simulations – create your own screen dot patterns that match your press

• Hot folder workflow

• Run two inkjet printers simultaneously from one system

• Tweak ICC profiles right in the RIP

• Perform linearizations and calibrations

• Perform Spot Color matching for PostScript, EPS, and PDF images

• Supported Printers – Agfa, Canon, Epson, HP, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland

If you have an Encad, Ilford, Hewlett-Packard, Mimaki, or Roland, then the ProofCenter software could make good PostScript software RIP solution. We find this RIP being used mostly by sign shops & pay-for-print shops.

The GMG ColorProof System

The GMG ColorProof system consists of the ColorProof basic software, which includes color engine, profile editor/creator and RIP, and output modules for various printing devices. The core element is the 4-D color transformation engine that assures the highest possible contract proof quality on a variety of output devices.


• Postscript, EPS or PDF files can be processed directly via hot folders

• Supports all standard spot color systems up to 64 individual color channels

• Supports image exchange in the RIP via Scitex APR

• An anti-aliasing procedure with adjustable quality is used to optimize text display

• Input – Postscript, PDF, DCS

• Output – Tiff, JPEG, optional Scitex CT/LW and Tiff/IT

• Supported Printers – IRIS, EPSON, FUJI, HP

GMG, a leading developer and marketer of high-end professional color management solutions, has been granted SWOP certification for its digital proofing solution ColorProof driving Epson’s inkjet printer StylusPro 7600, 9600 and 10600 models.

DuPont CromaPro XP

The DuPont CromaPro XP System brings high-end color management to drop-on-demand (DOD) printers for less than one-quarter the cost of systems providing comparable results. Specifically, you’ll be able to provide your customers with high-quality, color-accurate proofs quickly and repeatedly.

With the introduction of CromaPro XP, DuPont is the only manufacturer to seamlessly integrate full color management tools, Adobe PostScript 3 RIP, digital workflow, and spectral profiling into a single, easy-to-use software solution. DuPont CromaPro XP builds upon a long history of color science and proofing knowledge to integrate spectral color management tools for both profiling and localized calibration, for repeatable inkjet proofing.


• Adobe® PostScript 3 RIP

• DuPont CromaNet color management software

• Remote job control and workflow control from PC or Mac

• Accurate black and white/monochrome rendering

• Spot color support and custom process color

• Automated workflows via AppleTalk, drop folders or remote desktop clients

• Support for large-format and small-format EPSON and HP professional printers

• Supported Printers – Hewlett Packard and Epson

Building on the long history of DuPont in color science and proofing knowledge, CromaPro XP incorporates DuPont CromaNet color management and profiling software with a genuine Adobe PostScript 3 RIP, drivers for the leading desktop and wide – format printers from Hewlett Packard and Epson.