Quality Control Proofing

Remote proofing is the industry buzzword with regard to proofing. Everyone is doing remote proofing but the term has several meanings. Our meaning is whether your inkjet proofing system or systems is producing consistent results at every location by measuring a control patch and having colorimetric and densitometric data attached to every proof. Best Remoteproof verification software provides an easy to use QC pass/fail system for alerting users that the proofs are either matching or not. Best has implemented CMC and Delta 94 tolerancing methods into the software, so our numeric data corresponds better to what is seen visually versus using the standard Delta E tolerancing method.  

The Remoteproof verification software product is not just process controlling the printer by running a color bar, it is controlling the complete process that your images are passing through. The Best Remoteproof verification uses a color-managed color bar that has been through the same process as your images. This means that when you print the color bar on every proof at every location, we are not only monitoring the calibration of the printer but also monitoring the process you have put the images through. Therefore, if you have issues that the wrong profile was applied or the wrong paper was loaded into the printer or if the printer is out of calibration, the verification software will spot the error if it is visually out of tolerance. Most QC software packages only tell you if your printer is operating properly.

Both Best Colorproof and Best Screenproof have the ability to send and receive files, profiles, job data, etc. through the transmission of PDF and JDF (Job Definition Format) files. The PDF is your image and the JDF contains all the profiles and job information. This same procedure is used when the Best Remoteproof verification software is combined with Best Colorproof or Best Screenproof. With the Best Remoteproof software, the data that is sent from Location A (in the JDF format) also contains the measurements taken using the Best Remoteproof software and Best Eye spectrophotometer off the proof produced at Location A. The user at location B can then receive the JDF and PDF, print the proof, measure the control strip and compare location B data to location A data that was transmitted inside the JDF file with the image. If the numbers fall within the preset tolerance the software ‘passes’ the proof. If not, the proof ‘fails’. Now for the first time users have numeric data for the proof they are viewing. In the past we just received digital files and with no reference as to what happened at the other location.

Since the Best Remoteproof software comes with the BestEye spectrophotometer, users not only have a quality control instrument, they have an instrument that can be used with the Best Colorproof software for keeping the printer calibrated, for generating profiles with the Best Premium Option, or other 3rd party profiling tools. (Nice BONUS!) Thanks to Mark at Best, a division of EFI, for supplying us with a wealth of information about this exciting new product.