How to Generate Leads and Grow Your Business

Services like sell one-time use of lists that they’ve built through opt in sign-ups. These lists are composed of people who’ve chosen to receive emails on selected topics. Therefore you are technically not spamming and there is an increased likelihood that recipients will read your email.

However, just because people signed up for free information doesn’t mean they are interested in your particular product or service. You may get a response from these third party opt-in lists but watch your return on investment.

Co-Registration Services – These services help you identify people who are interested in your products and services. You provide them with a brief description of your business and the co-registration service distributes your “mini ad” on their website or ezine sign-up pages so people can opt in to your newsletter. You only pay when someone signs up and the co-registration service provides the contact information. Some services let you target your market by country. Your “mini ad” might read something like this:

  “Use these strategies to attract more clients and make more money. Sign up for the Free marketing guide and newsletter, ‘More Business’ from Learn how to use the 5 Principles of Highly Effective Marketing to grow your business”.

A few services like and provide you with qualified contacts for fifteen cents or less per lead. Many other lead generation services and co-registration services just send you junk email addresses. If you’re not careful about who you use, your subscriber list will fill up with people who don’t speak English and obviously didn’t sign up, children’s email addresses and invented email addresses such as

If the co-registration service says they can provide you with a thousand opt-in names in a day or so for pennies a name, be careful. A service that delivers quality leads charges more and takes longer. Once you get the names, track your sales to see if your purchase paid off.

Advertising – Advertising allows you to reach thousands of people who normally wouldn’t find out about your services and products. But you may be spending thousands of dollars putting your message in front of people who have no interest. How should you allocate your advertising dollars?

Radio, newspaper, search engine and newsletter advertising all work but the results will depend on how many people who want your services are exposed to your ad, whether the copy in your message actually attracts clients and the cost of the advertising campaign relative to income generated.

Radio and newspaper ads deliver your message to hundreds or hundreds of thousands of people, but only a fraction will be your target market. Search engines and newsletters offer you the opportunity to target your ads based on interests and geographic regions.

Free Publicity – Thousands of publishers are constantly looking for content they can use to attract and keep readers. Use your expertise to write articles that demonstrate your knowledge and ability to solve problems. If you include a free offer at the end of your article and it gets published, you’ll find prospects contacting you without spending lots of money on advertising.

This strategy helps you build credibility and overtime, a steady stream of highly qualified prospects. Use your knowledge to share a few solid ideas and attract prospects for free.

Don’t waste your leads

Once you have a lead, make sure you address the problem they want solved. Plan to contact your leads a minimum of six to eight times. Use the lead generation strategies that work for you and watch your profits grow.