View From The Publisher


Welcome to the summer of 2004! It’s already had its moments of excitement with the federal election, the intense soccer competition for the European Cup and the momentum that’s building for the Olympic Games in Athens.

The results of the recent federal election have changed the political landscape of Canada. With a minority Liberal government, Canadians can be assured that democracy will be well served. When parties have to work together, voters are often the beneficiaries.

Congratulations to Victoria Gaitskell, Dean Baxendale and the Board of OAQP for organizing a great golf tournament at Rolling Hills Golf Club in Gormley on June 24th. The Gold Sponsor was Kodak Versamarc Inc. and the Top Net Score went to the team of Cullen Simpson and Scott Nicoll of Konica Minolta and Tim Mulcahy and Tom Carty of The Graphic Arts Magazine. Congratulations to all the winners! See photos on page 32.

The print continues to be under attack from a variety of influences. Take annual reports for example. In days gone by, these reports constituted a profitable slice of the print market but more and more companies are balking at the printed format and making them available online. Our industry cannot assume that traditional printed materials will continue to be printed. Rather, we have to market and explain the advantages of the printed material. Several years ago broadcast radio faced similar decline in their traditional markets. The industry was able to regroup by promoting the benefits of their medium. The result was that the radio industry is seeing a large rebound in their audience. The print industry must do the same.

Remember to take some time to rest and relax during the summer months. In business there is an ebb and flow to the workload, so accept the benefits that come from ‘recharging the batteries’ during the summer before heading into the fall schedule.

As the Irish blessing says:

Always remember to forget the troubles that passed away,

But never forget to remember the blessings that come each day.

As always, stay positive.


Joe Mulcahy Publisher, Graphic Arts Magazine