View From The Publisher – October 04

Your business network is a powerful tool for business development. One of the benefits of publishing a national magazine is the extensive network of business contacts that develops around the publication. This proved its value recently when we brought together a group of industry leaders who provided Graphic Arts Magazine with feedback and criticism of … Read more →

How to Keep the Best …and motivate the rest

In the practice of building employee loyalty, or retention, the onus is increasingly on management to play the active role in keeping the best and the brightest. Once hired, keeping the most valuable employees motivated and dedicated may be one of the most important things a manager can do. Today’s employee has an unprecedented variety … Read more →

Guide to Royalty-Free Images

If you don’t want to worry about how and when you can use a specific stock photo, then a good idea is to look for royalty free images. You will never need to pay a renewal fee or an additional licensing fee to use the photo in another project. However, the danger of the same … Read more →

Selling Your Business To An Employee

From a psychological point of view, selling to an employee seems less complicated and it’s human nature to want to take the route of least resistance. A relationship – and often a long-standing one – is at the heart of selling to an employee. The owner and employee may be friends as well as colleagues. … Read more →

Making Horses Drink

The manager’s role is not to crack the whip and force people to win. That would be like a jockey trying to carry the horse to the finish line. Instead, the motivation to win has to come from within each employee. The manager’s job is to inspire employees to reach deep within themselves and produce … Read more →

Maximize Your Giving to Charities

The amount donated will generate a tax credit on your final tax return. Ordinarily, the maximum amount of donations on which a credit can be claimed is 75% of net income. In the year of death and the preceding year, however, the limit is 100%. A charitable bequest may be an attractive solution if your … Read more →

The Devil We Know

“I’d be better off taking the bookkeeping back and doing it myself,” Andrew suggested. “That’s not dealing with the underlying issue,” I countered. “You outsourced the bookkeeping because you’re not good at it, so taking it back does not serve your primary goal. You need a bookkeeper that will do the task and serve you, … Read more →

Soft-Proofing in Photoshop

Even if you have all of pieces of the colour management puzzle in place, you may still find that your monitor does not match your proof or press sheet. The solution to your problem is hidden in Photoshop’s menu options. This option is called Proof Setup. The advantage of using Proof Setup is that you … Read more →

4 Steps to Changing the World

1. Understand that there is no objective reality only a subjective reality In other words, we see the world through our own set of filters and these filters are colored by our own personal history and by our emotional heritage. For example, our childhood and adult experiences, our influences, the books we read and the … Read more →

The Value of Profile Testing

“What the tests do is reveal people for who they really are,” says Myrna Penny, Managing Director for Printlink. “On a resume and in interviews, most job seekers try to appear perfect. For example, to succeed in sales requires the ability to keep bouncing back from rejection, and finding out if someone actually has this … Read more →

How to Eliminage Price Objections

Give me a break! These are nothing more than manipulative sales tactics that, ultimately, make a customer feel uncomfortable and coerced into buying the product or service. The real key to solving objections is to work at eliminating them altogether. You can accomplish this by investing more time qualifying your customer. Salespeople who ask more … Read more →