Cycles of Innovation

According to Dent, every 80 years, you get an individualist, more radical generation like the last cycle, which had Henry Ford. That generation gave us the automobile, telephones, airlines, women’s rights and the assembly line. It ushered in a cultural and economic revolution. In this current cycle, the Boomer generation is also leading a revolutionary … Read more →

The Silent Marker

Selling a business is often confused with selling real estate because a real estate license entitles one to sell businesses. But very few business owners want a “for sale” sign in the window, nor do they want every real estate agent or the public to know they are for sale. Public knowledge could impact customers, … Read more →

Exporting Print to the USA

Well, profit de /’occasion. As traditional exporters become discouraged and seek new markets, new exporters are eager to take advantage of opportunity. With a population aof over 300 million people, Americans consume over $192US billion of print, yet only 0.9%, ($1.8US billion) is imported from Canada. However, this tiny sliver represents 1/6th of Canada’s total … Read more →

Getting it Right the First Time

2) Color miscommunication Quite often the customer provides a disk with his graphic file on it. Unfortunately the customer didn’t send along a color proof to verify the color accuracy in the file. It looked great on the screen to us and so we printed the file, but the customer didn’t like it – to … Read more →

The Retirement Catch-Up Plan

1. Start making your maximum RSP contribution every year A common reason why people fall behind is they don’t get into the habit of making their maximum RSP contributions every year. It can be difficult to come up with your maximum RSP contribution all at once. For some people, the solution is to start a … Read more →

5 Marketing Strategies to build Your Business

Start with Client Problems Target Your Market Demonstrate Value Build Your Network Stay in Touch 1. Start with Client Problems Most service professionals focus their marketing on their expertise, their approach and the products and services they offer. While competence is a key to doing the work, most clients’ primary concern is getting problems solved … Read more →

Self Discipline

Discipline gets you up early to go for a run on a freezing winter’s day because you are dedicated to improving your physical fitness. Discipline is turning off the TV and reading some of those books that will improve your effectiveness. Discipline is to stop giving so much time to the unimportant things and directing … Read more →

GRACoL and the Small to Med-size Printer

The first problem is that you can’t get enough magenta ink where you need it: you just can’t push that much ink without getting issues of scumming, orange peel, etc. So you complain to the ink manufacturer that you need higher pigment magenta. If he complies, then the press latitude and water window decreases and … Read more →

80-20 Rule for Managing

So assuming that your firm is part of the statistically significant and relevant part of the printing industry and therefore your experience follows that of the rest of the industry, what are you going to do with these two extremes of the bell curve as far as they pertain to your client mix, marketing support … Read more →

Gretangmacbeth’s New Eye-One Display 2

In the past three years the field of monitor calibration has become very competitive and in the end it is the consumers that are benefiting from the advancements being brought to market as the top colour management companies fight for that number one spot. GretagMacbeth recently upgraded the Eye-One Display monitor calibration software and hardware … Read more →

Voice Mail That Sells

As a business owner, I receive my share of sales calls. More often than not, I’m away from my desk or out of the office which means I end up listening to messages instead of speaking directly with salespeople. Here are a few of the common mistakes I notice and how you can correct them. … Read more →