View From The Publisher

Our congratulations to Webcom President, Warren Wilkens for being the recipient of the annual Graphic Arts Leader of North America award. Warren, along with Mario Cesar de Camargo, President of the Brazilian Association of the Graphic Industry who received the award for South America, were on hand to accept their awards before hundreds of industry … Read more →

More Tricks Revealed

Over the past few years, many of us have made the switch to either Mac OS X or Windows XP. From my perspective, they are very similar operating systems. Both operating systems have many timesaving techniques that could be put to use to make your day a little easier. Here are a few: In the … Read more →

10 Phone Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

“I hate making marketing calls. I don’t know what to say and how to say it. I’ve been assigned to find new clients and in the past four weeks I brought in zero new clients.” Do you ever feel this way? Are you tired of being turned down? Are you frustrated by your limited success … Read more →

Surviving the Management Paradigm Shift

Historically, the printing business has concentrated on the goal of getting the work out. In that context, leadership was mainly a reactive process, focused on supervising and managing the workflow in response to customer requirements. Companies gave little regard to their actual work process—the sequence of steps that got the work done or the staff … Read more →

PIA/GATF Tech Alert 2005 Conference

Nearly two hundred print technology aficionados gathered at the Pittsburgh Airport Hyatt Regency Hotel February 6-8 for the thirteenth annual PIA/GATF Tech Alert Conference. The Graphic Arts Technical Foundation puts hundreds of hours of staff resources into testing the latest print applications and sharing the results with attendees at this forum each year. Suppliers and … Read more →

Stress Mastery in Changing Times

We live in a high-pressure world. Your customers demand more from you than ever before, your boss expects greater results in less time and by the time you have mastered one technology, it’s often obsolete. The constant change in the marketplace and in society is so vast it makes your head spin. More new information … Read more →

What the #$%@ Happened to My Image?

Here’s the scenario. You have spent most of the night retouching and colour correcting images. You’ve calibrated and profiled your monitor, hard-proofed on your inkjet printer via a profiled and calibrated RIP and you always view your proofs under controlled D50 lighting. As well, you insisted that the printer supply a proof, just to be … Read more →

Building Your Own Virtual Colour Managed Workflow

Apple has announced a new website, to help designers and print professional who want to understand and integrate color management into their workflow. Thanks to Apple, getting started with virtual color proofing is easier than ever. Virtual color proofing used to require many different hardware and software devices and constant intervention and fine-tuning. Today, … Read more →

Tax Strategies for the Owner-Manager

It’s that time of year when, like Christmas, ‘giving’ has implications to the pocketbook. Yes, the taxman cometh. And if you own your own business, the taxman has the habit of dropping by twice: once to see how your business is doing and once again to see how you are doing. To help you make … Read more →