Tired of the business you’re in?

I’ve spent the past two years researching the global marketplace looking for a product that would capture the imagination of the Baby Boomer generation. Why that specific demographic? Well, I am one(!) and there are approximately eighty million of us marching to our retirement. That is a huge market. But this is about me. You … Read more →

Credit report credibility?

A pizza shop owner was being audited by Revenue Canada. The owner asked, “What’s wrong? Why am I being audited?” The auditor replied, “You’ve got two trips to Europe down as business expenses. What’s your explanation?” The pizza shop owner replied, “We deliver!” In business, not everything is as it first appears. Often, there is … Read more →

Test driving the all-new VUTEk 260 Outdoor Printer

While many large-format printing companies are buzzing around all the new flatbed printers that are hitting the marketplace, VUTEk has quietly introduced a competitively priced, very respectable 103” solvent-based inkjet printer. VUTEk certainly has an excellent reputation in the print industry, so we were thrilled when they recently released this new model. VUTEk’s printers have … Read more →

Soft proofing replaces the hard proof

I predict that within three years, we’ll be viewing more proofs on press via a flat-screen colour monitor than with a hard copy proof. Consider these facts: At a recent conference in Hong Kong, TIME, Inc. unveiled their proofing goals – to eliminate hard-copy proofs in Asia in the next year and in the U.S. … Read more →

Mac OS X from the front-line

In a series of articles focusing on Mac OS X, you will learn new ways to make your workday more efficient and profitable. Some of the subjects I will be addressing are: troubleshooting, software updates (when and how), security issues, and integrating with Windows networks. Is your computer secure? What do I mean by this … Read more →

Learn from your losses

The loser When an employee leaves a company, it signifies that a loss has occurred. In some cases, a manager might argue that point, claiming that the employee didn’t represent a loss since he or she didn’t do anything of value. Regardless of how poor a job an employee did, resources were spent hiring that … Read more →

Six more ways to be a good employer

Last month’s column explained how being a good employer can improve your profits, business sustainability and customer satisfaction – and offered practical suggestions to position your company as an employer people want to work for. This month’s column continues the same theme with six more tips on how to be a good employer: 1) Recognize … Read more →

The power of follow-up

It never ceases to amaze me how few salespeople take the time to follow-up after they’ve made initial contact with a prospect or customer. In the last few months, I can think of at least eight different situations in my own life when this happened. These included a landscaper who designed plans for our property, … Read more →

A snapshot of the Canadian graphics industry

2005 will go down as “the year of flat” in the printing world. Look at the interest in flatbed printers at Graphics Canada this year — and at the sheer number of such devices from a wide range of exhibitors. Of course, flatbed wasn’t the only trend obvious to the observer. Wide-format printers and digital … Read more →