Strangers in a strange land

A lot of things happened when computers arrived on First Nations Reserves across Canada, not the least of which was the birth of a new medium for the expression of culture.  Literature, music, art and handiwork were suddenly shared by aboriginal peoples from the east coast to the west.  Soon there was a plethora of … Read more →

Change or die

There’s no denying it; change is all around us, and now it’s a simple matter of survival. Most of us were brought up to plan: “where do you want to be 5 years from now”, and “what are your financial goals”. For most of us, sheer momentum and unexpected opportunities led us somewhere else, via … Read more →

Building a wide-format printing business

The theme this year at the Graphics Canada show was “The Power of Print”, and one thing that both impressed and amazed me was the omnipresence of wide format printers. Apparently, traditional offset printers are finally starting to wake up to the enormous potential of the wide-format printing industry. One need only look around, both … Read more →

Preparing images for large format digital printing

Learning about colour management and how it can help prepare images for large-format printing processes is the only way to avoid these pitfalls. As I write, I am spending a few hours in an airport, an appropriate place to evaluate the state of today’s signage, with its combination of backlit, vinyl, and paper-based displays. Most … Read more →

Real World Printing – international printing quotes

Is it cheaper to have printing jobs printed overseas? Graphic Arts finds out. Welcome to a new regular department of Graphic Arts magazine. We’re investigating a myth of the Canadian printing industry: are offshore printers all that much more competitive than Canadians? And we’re doing this the only way that makes sense: we’re asking the … Read more →

Maintenance Tips

Good press performance starts with staying within specifications If you want to get the best performance and longest life from your press, regular maintenance is key. Let’s start with the ink roller train. Clean and treat your rollers from surface to end with a proper roller wash. Condition your rollers daily to prevent contaminants from … Read more →

Digital proofing

“We haven’t had a dot based proof for many years, now,” says Tom Gural, vice-president of Cober Printing in Kitchener, Ont. Instead, this quality printer uses a continuous-tone Veris proofer from Creo (now part of Kodak). “With some customers, we just send them a PDF and they let us worry about the colour,” Gural adds. … Read more →