Bless whoever thought of having the customer sign off on an approval sheet before allowing a job to go to press. I’m sure that thousands of years ago, when the first newspaper was produced, whoever was running the job on the press had the bright idea of making someone else sign off. By having a … Read more →

Staffing to meet your customer’s needs

Not everything today is brand new. Take the fundamental goal of printing, for instance. Historically its goal was, and still remains, the dissemination of information. And not only that, but one of the most essential business strategies for printers – configuring their tools and production processes to provide information to customers in ways customers want … Read more →

Variable Data Printing

With all the change around us in our daily lives, it’s no wonder we resist it whenever we can. Hardly a week went by last month where I didn’t read an article which indicated that people “think” Variable Data Printing is here to stay. As a 23-year veteran of this industry, my mother is very … Read more →

How to encrypt your email in Mac OS X’s Mail

Introduction Continuing from my last article on computer security, this month I’ll show you how to encrypt and digitally “sign” your e-mail to maintain privacy and security. E-mail, being the oldest Internet technology, still accounts for most of the traffic. But did you know that your e-mail is being transmitted in the “clear”? Anyone with … Read more →

Review of monitor calibration product: huey

Pantone has released a new product for monitor calibration called the huey, developed in conjunction with GretagMacbeth. The interesting part of this story isn’t that we have another monitor calibration program in an already crowded market, but that it costs less than $100 (CDN). This is bottom-of-the-barrel pricing for a monitor calibrator. Previously, the lowest … Read more →

Mutoh Toucan LT review

The Mutoh Toucan LT won the 2005 DPI product of the year award. As well it swept up two awards at the 2005 SGIA Digital Conference. Winning Best Poster Print and Best Rigid Substrate. The Mutoh Toucan LT beat out heavyweight contenders such as the Mimaki JV3- SPII and the Roland Sol-Jet Pro II. “The … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q and A – March 2006

Q. We seem to have a lot of trouble printing Pantone® colors lately. We chose two different looking colors on screen that print the same on our colour printer. We also notice that the Pantone® colours are wrong in Adobe Photoshop CS2 and don’t convert to CMYK the way they did in older versions of … Read more →

The reality of the remote press approval

On many occasions I’ve been asked about online proofing. There are several products out there offering annotation tools and collaboration through email. Some products you can purchase outright and others are a subscription service hosted by the supplier. There is something for everyone. But, when it comes to online color proofing, the field is narrowed. … Read more →

What’s your workflow?

A printing firm’s workflow was determined by its equipment and the products it specialized in. Labels? Camera-ready art to separations, to film, to stripping, to step-and-repeat, to press, to die-cutting. Direct mail? Camera-ready to film, stripping, to plate (paper, plastic or metal, depending on the quantity), to press, to collator, folder, inserter, then address labeling. … Read more →

The advantage of a tax professional

Maybe you’re considering purchasing some income tax preparation software and attempting to do it yourself? For some that may be a viable option, but tread cautiously – you may be putting your financial well-being at risk. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has offered Canadians the option to file their tax returns via the Internet for … Read more →