Is there a dividing line anymore?

Are colour copiers taking work from offset presses? In March, New York research firm TrendWatch Graphic Arts announced that RIP-driven copier/printers are becoming part of the regular workflow of many graphic arts companies of all sizes across North America for short-run and variable printing—and not just the simplest or lowest-quality jobs, but “robust” variable printing. … Read more →

View from the Publisher

We had a very successful trip to Laval, Quebec at the end of April for the Grafik’Art  2006 show. Congratulations to Louis Bernard and all the organizers. See Peter Dulis’ report and photos from the show on page 24. Heidelberg Canada held a very impressive Open House on May 9 and 10 th. With over … Read more →

Grafik’Art 2006 Quebec Canada

The city of Laval outside of Montreal just hosted the Grafik’Art 2006 trade show that catered to the offset, digital and screen printing industries as well as the flexo, packaging and graphic arts industries. The show was held April 27-29, 2006 and exhibitors showed their newest products and services on more than 70 000 square … Read more →

Out my window – Small presses and copiers

This edition of Graphic Arts is all about small presses and copiers. Our feature article, starting on page 20, looks at the shifts in the market for these categories of printing equipment. And in the News, TrendWatch Graphic Arts reports that colour copiers are doing more of the kind of “robust” variable printing work that … Read more →

You have mail – your files are ready

Many workflows have operators monitoring email and FTP sites. Phone calls are made to confirm FTP file receipt or emails are sent. The files are downloaded, unstuffed, unzipped, put into standard folder structures and sent to preflight. The SWITCH products from Gradual Software in Belgium have surfaced. They automate these tasks and integrate them into … Read more →

Boot Camp basic training

Since my last article on the Intel transition, something very interesting has happened on the Apple front. A while ago there was a public contest to get Windows XP running on new Intel-based Macs and that contest was won. My prediction was that it would be done eventually, but it happened a lot quicker than … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q and A

Q. When I choose a printer, I see the same printer twice when running Classic. One of the printers I see doesn’t work. How do I get rid of the second printer? A. Many users still required Classic to run legacy applications. They could be sales or accounting applications, which may never be written for … Read more →

Do you have a well balanced team?

A few years ago, Ichak Adizes wrote “How to Solve the (Mis)management Crisis” and “Corporate Lifecycles”, two books with many excellent concepts about what made management teams effective as well as what skills were needed at different periods of time during a company’s lifespan. Adizes identified that a key success factor for an organization was … Read more →

Managing employee success

Employee performance is a key to business success. When you hire an employee to fill any given job, you choose the candidate who offers the best potential to succeed. But just as you maintain your capital equipment to keep it running in top condition, your staff’s success is another component of your capital investment that … Read more →

An expert in your business

An accountant visited the Natural History Museum. While standing near the dinosaur, he said to his neighbour: “This dinosaur is two billion years and ten months old.” “Where did you get this exact information?” his neighbour asked. “I was here ten months ago, and the guide told me that the dinosaur is two billion years … Read more →

Schmooze or snooze

Ever go to a reception or event and immediately notice how there always seems to be one or two individuals who are always surrounded by people? How about an individual at a trade show booth where there always seems to be a gathering around him or her? Effective selling starts with personal marketing… creating your … Read more →