View from the Publisher

ImageWarren Wilkins, founder of Webcom, has retired. We wish him
well in his retirement and thank him for all his efforts and contributions to
our industry.

To those of you have been following the World Cup, I hope
you’ve been able to find time to catch a few of the games. With just four teams
left to play in the tournament, I will go out on a limb and choose Germany as
the winners for 2006.I had a chance to watch most of the games and was very
impressed with our homegrown Canadian Owen Hargraves. It’s ironic that Owen was
unable to make the under seventeen team in Canada, but shone in the World Cup
while playing for England. I’m sure there’s a scout kicking himself now. His
determination and focus made him stand apart.

I was on a trip to Alberta last month and was astonished at
the boom that is happening out there. The economy is definitely on an upswing. I
spoke to people who landed, and after two days had jobs that were –paying
well. It definitely seems the place to be.

Congratulations to Margaret MacLeod on her appointment as
Marketing Manager of the Ottawa-based printer, Tri-Graphic Printing. Marg is also
manager of Digital Imaging Association.

Remember to take some time this summer. I have a friend who
is currently battling cancer. He was always of the belief that there was too
much work to do to take a break. Eventually it catches up to you, though. Especially
in this stressful industry that we operate, it is so important to take some
down time. So make a goal this summer, especially if you haven’t had a break in
a long time, to set your ego to one side and trust that the business will run
without you. Some of my best business ideas have hit me when I’m relaxed on
holidays and have stepped away from my business. You see it with a new set of
eyes and a refreshed energy. Remember, business can come and go, but friends
and relationships are what make the journey worthwhile. There’s no one who ever
said on their death bed "I should have worked more hours!"

I will finish with an Irish blessing:

Always remember to forget,

the troubles that passed away,

But never forget,

the blessings that came each day.

As always, stay positive.


Joe Mulcahy Publisher, Graphic Arts Magazine