Presstek launches new direct imaging press

On September 12 at its headquarters in Hudson, New Hampshire, the originator of the direct imaging press concept, held a "pre-Graph Expo event" to launch its most versatile, productive product ever: the 52DI. The event drew media and experts from across North America, including Dr. Joe Webb of and Dr. Frank Romano, founder of … Read more →

Going to Graph Expo?

The annual graphic arts trade show in North America, Graph Expo will run from October 15 to 18 in Chicago’s McCormick Place, including Converting Expo. Show managers don't want to make any predictions about the number of people they expect to come, but they will confirm that they expect the numbers will be greater than … Read more →

How to take better photos at night

When I started out taking digital photos at night, boy, did I have problems! The issue is that many digital cameras do not perform very well under low-light conditions. To take good night photos, there are some tricks you need to remember – so here are a few of them. Use Long ExposuresThe key to … Read more →

Apple debuts new core

On August 7, 2006, Apple completed it's latest transition, with the addition of two new models. They introduced two Macintosh models based on the Intel platform, the Mac Pro and a new Xserve. In fact, these are the last two machines to be switched over to Intel and represent a major paradigm shift in the … Read more →

CMYK colour control

It is amazing how technology can change responsibilities. If you think back five to ten years ago it was the job of the scanner operator to ensure your CMYK file was ready for print. But today the responsibility is in the hands of the content creators, the designers and the photographers. Unfortunately, the problem with … Read more →

Consac 2006 “Imagemakers” Trade Show

Consac 2006, also subtitled "Imagemakers," trade show and conference was held Sept.15-16/06 in Toronto and was geared to address digital imaging, sign making and signage needs for the sign industry. I was interested to see where the trends in grand-format imaging are going. According to industry stats, the grand-format printing market has shown sizeable gains … Read more →

Table formatting and scripting

When designing in InDesign or Quark, you often need to layout and format tables. Both programs have basic table tools built in and will take an existing Excel table, place it and make it easy to format. Subsequently changing and updating the data can be a challenge, but there are some tricks. Tables are easy … Read more →

Two of management’s toughest jobs

Years of experience with a number of organizations has led to the conclusion that two tasks that managers dislike doing most is conducting performance reviews and terminating employees. They frequently perform both poorly. In the case of performance reviews this negative attitude should not occur since a well developed performance review program should be a … Read more →

The credible resumé

Resumé writing has become a business. And there are many conflicting guidelines about what constitutes a good resumé. Opinions vary greatly on what information should be included, how it should be presented, and what purposes it serves. For PrintLink, a company specializing in printing-industry-specific recruitment, resumés function foremost as guidelines for further discussion of a … Read more →

Fall – Time for a fresh start

As the year passes by, there are several major events that always encourage us to "start fresh." First, there's the famous January 1st, when we all make our "New Year's Resolutions." Then there's the spring…signs of new life are everywhere, from the trees sprouting new buds to animals being born. We clear out our garages … Read more →

Are you too busy to be productive?

Let's be frank — if you work for a company, then your primary goal is to make money.  Period.  You may have secondary goals to serve the interests of your customers, employees, and be a good corporate citizen, but your number one priority is strictly return on investment.  Profit. When I speak at conventions and … Read more →