Dealing with distractions

In today’s business world it is not uncommon for sales people to work from a home office. At first this may seem like a great opportunity, however, it does create some unique challenges. One of the biggest obstacles is the number of distractions that can take us away from our work and prevent us from … Read more →

What good is an MIS system?

Management Information Systems (MIS); Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP); Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)  and “lean thinking” are the latest of the self-acclaimed panaceas to help Printers manage their business better, make more money, and increase productivity.  What magic!  The reality is, if you perform a careful, objective analysis of your current business processes, and … Read more →

Guide to Print World 2006

“The world of shorter-run printing”  warrants its own show today, and especially in Canada, where, printers know, runs are getting shorter and margins are getting tighter all the time. Print World, held at the National Trade Centre in Toronto from November 18 to 20, brings vendors, printers, designers, agencies, publishers and more to find how … Read more →

Add FlightCheck Online to automation workflow

The “Do It Yourself” Web to Proof and Web to Print workflows are closer than you think.  Software products are available that reduce the amount of work involved in creating Web Pages, Log Ins, File Checking & Routing, Email Notification and System Logging.What do we need to successfully put our own system together?  Complete information … Read more →

Colour matching on press

How can we use a colour measurement device to determine if a particular colour is an acceptable match? We all know that colour is extremely subjective and can look different when viewed under various lighting conditions. The good news is that we have a method to measure colour differences. In many print shops you are … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT guy Q and A

Q. I recently imported a Word document into a QuarkXPress document but now I can’t save the file. QuarkXPress says that it can only save “single language files”. I don’t have a copy of Word so I can’t check the file, so how can I save the file? A.  The Word file (.doc) you received … Read more →

Improving camera phone pictures

We are living in a time where ‘Digital cameras’ are everywhere. Gone are the days when a camera was a camera, a MP3 player was an MP3 player, a phone was a phone… These days, digital cameras are found in a variety of other gadgets, including cell phones. In fact, camera phones are one of … Read more →

Cost saving tips for your next trade show

As an exhibit manager, you have a fiscal responsibility to allocate your resources properly and report results accurately to management. Without money nothing will happen. W. Somerset Maugham wrote “Money is like a sixth sense without which you cannot make a complete use of the five.” The bottom line for your entire exhibit program depends … Read more →

Job descriptions – a curse with a solution

Most managers have been challenged by an irresponsible employee with the statement “It’s not in my job description”. This could have occurred when the employee is being told off after messing up a job. On other occasions this excuse is heard is when an employee is asked to do something they don’t usually do or … Read more →

Business cards: today and tomorrow

Few people really know the history of a business card.  As far back as the 17th century, business cards – or “Visiting Cards” as they were called at the time, were used by visitors who wrote messages and signatures on them.  They are said to have appeared first in France.  “Trade cards” were also major … Read more →