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Print World in Toronto saw a great success for participants and vendors. Brian Ellis, Marketing Manager Heidelberg Canada stated “It was a great show for Heidelberg, sales of QM 46-2 and Printmaster PM 74 were excellent and we picked up extra sales because of the show.” See more details on the show and pictures on … Read more →

Out my window: A new year beckons

The December issue always prompts editors to write these “looking back, looking forward” columns. So why break with tradition?Judging from the turnout to trade shows like Graph Expo last October and Print World in Toronto in November, 2006 has been a good year in the graphic arts industry. Printer seem in an upbeat mood, and … Read more →

Wide-format printing: A graphic arts success story

According to U.S.-based Graphic Arts Monthly, the retail value of wide-format printing in North America reached $9 billion US in 2004, and should reach nearly $13 billion by 2009. That will make it a bigger market than magazine advertising. Economic forecasters InfoTrends/CAP Ventures have predicted a growth of over 40 percent over five years for … Read more →

Calibrating with Eye-One

Eye–One Share and the Eye–One measurement device contain a treasure trove of options for any designer or prepress professional who is working with colour. Using this application, you can transfer colour measurements from or to any source with ease. For example, a client may give you a paint swatch and ask you to match its … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q and A

Q. I have a file stuck in the Trash. It’s not locked, but I still can’t empty the Trash. What can I do about it? A. I hope you have already checked the permissions on the file. You can do that by selecting the file and choosing “Get Info” from the File menu. On the … Read more →

Finishing solutions for large-format printers

The last several years have seen rapid developments in digital printing systems. Print providers of all types—from sign shops to commercial quick printers and corporate in–plants have taken advantage of the developments in digital printing technology. But once a job has been printed, finishing options such as mounting, trimming, or laminating may be required in … Read more →


Substituting the word guest for customer can transform our perceptions of the people who pay our salaries. A customer is someone who makes a purchase. A guest, by contrast, is someone whose arrival we anticipate, who we welcome with open arms. I would like to introduce you to the GUEST model of selling, a five–step … Read more →

Investment in regulatory managers pays off

There are many management activities beyond those directly related to print production workflow that enhance a company’s profitability. These activities can be categorized as regulatory or loss–prevention functions and include: environmental regulation compliance health & safety regulation compliance process management, lean manufacturing, quality management employee management (HR is not just about payroll!) IT management and … Read more →

Graph Expo 2006 reflections

While a big equipment trade show might typically inspire an article highlighting new product announcements, the panel discussions and presentations by leading print prognosticators were what piqued by interest at Graph Expo 2006. I hope you will find their insights as challenging and informative as I did. Official Numbers For NaughtEconomists covering the printing industry … Read more →