Go green to make green

For most businesses, being environmentally pro-active is a noble enterprise, but the day–to–day running of a company seems more important. We have deadlines and payroll to meet, customers to win and satisfy, and bills to be paid. And we must somehow realize a profit.It too often seems that environmental and economic concerns are at odds, … Read more →

Adobe Photoshop CS3 preview

Photoshop CS3 will be available soon, but before its release, you can download a relatively stable beta version from http://labs.adobe.com. I have been test–driving the new release and have seen some very exciting changes. I do not recommend using this release for production work, but it is a great way to test some of the … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q and A

Q – I want to use Windows on my Intel–based Mac, and I’ve heard there are different ways to run Windows. Which is the best method? A – It is true that you can run Windows on a Intel–based Mac now that Apple is using Intel processors as their main CPU. For all intents and … Read more →

MAN Roland Canada and Ryobi

From a small two-page duplicator to the largest web presses in the world, the MAN Roland product line in Canada now provides a range of profitable pressroom solutions for small, medium, and large printers alike. The good news happened on April 4, 2005, when printing giant MAN Roland became the exclusive Canadian distributor of Ryobi … Read more →

Justifying bindery automation

Someone recently described the craft of printing as “putting dead dinosaurs on dead trees,” the idea being that dinosaurs decompose into crude oil, a key ink ingredient. This clever description is also troubling when you consider that some of the print production processes in wide use today may themselves be nearing extinction. The print economy … Read more →

Small mistakes that cost you big money

My wife and I were recently shopping for a new lighting fixture to hang above our dining room table. We wanted something relatively contemporary, and our quest for the perfect light took us to over a dozen stores. Our experience uncovered a wide variety of mistakes with huge costs for retailers in the form of … Read more →

What’s in an acronym

What’s in a name? That which we call a roseBy any other word would smell as sweet. From Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2), William Shakespeare While the scent of a rose is perhaps more important than what we choose to label it, understanding specific labels or designations—as well as what those labels mean about … Read more →

A question of loyalty

How loyal are your customers?  It’s often true that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers, but with the plethora of printing options available to your customers today, it’s not enough to simply assume that customers will keep coming just because they always have. The need to keep repeat customers has resulted … Read more →

Flexibility benefits managers & staff

This column continues last month’s discussion of the benefits of flexibility in HR practices.  We begin with flexibility that is specific to a given job or job type.  Job-specific flexibilityLet’s consider sales. Company owners and managers will ideally hire someone who can walk in the door with a bag of business. While circumstances certainly do … Read more →

Approaching MIS/ERP/CRM

The Digital Imaging Association offers a dependable and cost–effective way to stay current with the industry—we recruit experts in various fields to address topics of interest to our membership. Recently, members and guests participated in an in–depth session that examined some case studies of what works and what doesn’t when going down the MIS/ERP/CRM path. … Read more →

Small green ideas

The early spring often turns our thoughts to impatient dreams of summer, as we wait for the world outside our windows to turn from white to green. Occupied with such pleasant daydreams, it’s easy to forget about the many ways that we can turn the world inside our offices from white (or beige) to green—at … Read more →