View from the publisher

The federal Conservative government’s recent budget is good news for printers. The following delights, courtesy of Finance Minister Flaherty, will be a boon to all Canadian printers if they are implemented. A two–year writeoff period for manufacturing and processing businesses on equipment bought after March 19, 2007 and before 2009. There’s a nice window of … Read more →

Online estimating and workflow

Mayday Fine Print realized that its manual estimating system wasn’t doing them much good. “We were doing a lot of jobs, but we weren’t making much profit,” says Rick Day of Mayday Fine Print of Fredericton, New Brunswick. “We kept hearing ‘you guys are so much cheaper than anybody else.’ Eventually, we put two and … Read more →

Integrating the Archipelago

Avanti Computer Systems, based out of Toronto, Ontario and serving the entire North American market, has over 20 years of experience in producing business management software for both commercial printers and in–plant print applications. The company was founded 23 years ago by Richard Wallin, an MIT–educated Ph.D who invented their original product. Stephen McWilliam, Patrick … Read more →

XML Snippets in InDesign CS2

Last month I talked about XML and why you need to learn more about it. Recently, I discovered a practical use for XML, namely, snippets—a feature of InDesign CS2. The InDesign Help menu briefly describes the XML snippet. The InDesign CS2 Classroom in a Book has a page on it as well. Both of the … Read more →

Adobe Creative Suite 3 preview

Here comes Creative Suite 3! Adobe has been working on CS3 for the past 18 months, ever since Apple stunned the computing community by announcing that Macintosh computers would switch to Intel chips. Additionally, Adobe acquired its competitor Macromedia in 2005, which left many wondering what would happen to products like FreeHand and Flash. Well, … Read more →

Bright nights, big pictures

Are you an adventurous photographer? If so, why not consider capturing some of your local—or not–so–local—scenery after dark? You can get some remarkable images using only available light, and without too much difficulty either. If you use some forethought and follow a few simple rules you will amaze your friends with the images that you … Read more →

The easiest sale

Want to increase your sales immediately? Virtually everyone wants a quick, easy way to increase sales. Fortunately, in all but a few situations, quick and easy is actually possible. The key is to sell to the right people. I don’t mean trying to connect with the key decision– maker in a particular organization or creating … Read more →

PMA 2007 Digital SLR cameras

PMA 07, run by the Photo Marketing Association, is the world’s largest photo imaging convention and trade show and was held in Vegas this year from March 8–11. With the latest products from more than 650 companies and over 200 educational sessions full of innovative ideas, PMA 07 was the photo imaging event of the … Read more →

Advancements and concerns in digital printing

Digital proofing has reached a new level of acceptance and maturity, and service providers and customers now view an inkjet proof as the new standard. There are a number of reasons for this shift in proofing methods. The first is simply time—it takes a while for a new technology to be adopted and accepted. Secondly, … Read more →

I told you – didn’t you listen?!

Canada prides itself on its diversity. Diversity has enriched our country with new cuisine, new art, new celebrations, and new perspectives on world issues. And although our diversity has brought many benefits, it has also brought many challenges.  Communication has always been an area in which managers struggle. And as our industry continues to cultivate … Read more →

Flexibility benefits managers & staff

Hiring the right people is essential to the continued success and growth of your business, and job interviews are the best way to gain insight into candidates’ skills, strengths, and how well they will fit with your company. It is also important to realize that a job interview is a mutual learning experience. It requires … Read more →