View from the publisher

ImageWelcome to spring and to a new look for Graphic Arts Magazine. Our editorial board has been meeting three times a year for a number of years now, and their input has been invaluable in coming up with our new design. We would also like to thank Alive Pro Studios for all their efforts in assisting with the redesign. We look forward to hearing your feedback, as we’re always looking to serve our readers better.

This month features an article regarding On-demand printing on page 18, as well as an article on page 22 focusing on the current paper market. Jonathon Anderson also delivers part 2 of his “Killer costing” feature, continued from last month.

John’s article is a needed wake-up call for the printing industry—did you know that the average profit of an Ontario printer is negative 0.5 per cent? Why are printers willing to send money out of their own profits just to keep people busy? Unprofitability, in my opinion, is the most important issue facing our industry. Let me know what you think at

And speaking of profitability, one of the best ways to improve your bottom line is to ensure that your staff are suited to your business. This month, Victoria Gaitskell brings us the second half of a two-part series on effective interviewing. Her suggestions should be required reading for anyone involved in hiring decisions.

We have just returned from the Grafik’Art show in Montreal. As with any show there were new products to see and old friends to greet, as well as new contacts to be made. See Tony Curcio’s highlights and photos of a very successful show on page 28.

The environment seems to be front page on most people’s agendas, as Al Gore and others are emphasizing the importance of government involvement to bring about significant changes. John Piggott writes about the environment as it relates to our industry on page 42.
Then don’t miss Catherine M.A. Wiebe’s report on her recent trip to New Hampshire to check out Dimatix/Fuji on page 62. Inkjet is an emerging force in the printing marketplace, and staying up-to-date on the latest possibilities will help ensure your success in years to come.

Enjoy the spring and as always, stay positive and stay focused.


Joe Mulcahy Publisher, Graphic Arts Magazine