View from the publisher, October 2007

You have in your hands the product of many meetings and planning sessions. The original idea for our variable cover came from our editorial board member George Mezzaferro, of RP Graphics Group. I had a meeting with Tony Karg from Fujifilm, and he suggested that we do a variable cover rather than write about variable … Read more →

Variable Data printing

When digital colour production printers were first introduced, at IPEX in 1993, they were expected to compete with offset for “short run colour”, which was then defined as run lengths less than 5000 or 10,000 impressions. With improvements in offset presses, automation, and workflow, however, the economic run lengths at which they were able to … Read more →

How the cover was done

There’s something different about this issue’s cover. Did you notice it? Anything unusual? How about the ads? Take a closer look. It’s obvious that the cover you are holding is about variable data printing. And it should be equally obvious there are a number of clearly variable elements—your name and an image of the address … Read more →

Graph Expo Report

To paraphrase T.S. Eliot, “This is the way the show ends/ not with a bang but a whimper.” Graph Expo 2007 (a sold-out show, I might add) was larger than last year’s show and was of course full of fabulous events and informative booths. But for most of the major players, the theme seemed to … Read more →

A radically different future

There are so many different ideas about what will happen to print markets in the future. 5 or 10 year trend forecasts tend to be fairly accurate, but let’s look beyond 2017 and hazard a guess (a wild guess in some cases) at what the printing industry will be like in 2040. The technology of … Read more →

Leapfrogging the behemoths

Still trying to compete against the giant international direct-to-consumer printer heavyweights? Now you can offer something that the giants haven’t been able to pull off as yet – customer intimacy. A revolutionary, low cost, web based business management and order fulfilment system provides independent printers, copy shops, print brokers and other graphics professionals with the … Read more →

Find profits in quality leads

With Graph Expo just past and Graphics Canada coming up quickly in November, our thoughts naturally turn to trade shows. And one of the biggest trade show frustrations is the inability to turn prospects into clients through a viable follow-up plan. The number one obstacle to successfully implementing a follow-up plan is the quality of … Read more →

Managing outside the organization

The understandable tendency for many managers is to think of their management responsibilities as being limited to their department, plant, or company. At times the above perspective is stretched when a company or plant is part of a larger organization. In such cases the smart manager recognizes that individuals in the larger organization have control … Read more →

Spectrophotometer—frill or norm?

Is a spectrophotometer really necessary? Or is it just a fanciful new feature being put into some new high-end printers? After all, when I need some heavy-duty profiling I call in a consultant to reprofile my large format printer. If colour accuracy and consistency in printing is important to you, a spectrophotometer is vital. Spectrophotometers … Read more →

CS3 and the easy way to learn scripting

InDesign CS3 contains sample scripts that you can view, test, and use right now. Not only can you run these Applescripts and Javascripts on your own Mac, you can open them up and see how they work. InDesign CS3 includes 21 sample scripts in both Applescript and Javascript (and Visual Basic on the PC). You … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT Guy Q & A

Q. I have a software issue. All the applications that I use often have started quitting unexpectedly. Garage Band, iPhoto, Safari, Mail. I can’t delete or reset without it quitting. Help! A. It may be a system font issue. The “Apple” applications use System Fonts in OS X. Fonts are normally cached by the system … Read more →

Wide format printing industry report

According to a recent I.T. Strategies report, the display graphics market worldwide has a retail value of about $100 billion (US), which includes both digital and analog technologies. <!–break–>Digital technologies—primarily inkjet, but also electrophotography and thermal transfer—represent about 30%, or $30 billion (US). The variety of aqueous, solvent, and UV curable inkjet printers that are … Read more →