Packaging – The mother of innovation

The only way for packagers to stay profitable in the Canadian market is by continuing to find new solutions. Canadian packaging printers face challenges distinct from those faced by commercial printers, as the package manufacturing process is longer and more complex than for straightforward commercial printers. Yet packagers are consistent in creating eye–catching, attention–grabbing, and … Read more →

The continuing saga of life with print

The Digital Imaging Association has traditionally held an informative – and well attended – breakfast meeting at Graphics Canada. And this year was no exception. A full house enjoyed an excellent breakfast and started their day with a rousing, entertaining, humourous, and uplifting presentation. The message of the morning’s address was clear—there is life ahead … Read more →

Sina Printing: A family and industry success story

From a small A.B. Dick one-colour to a 10-Colour Heidelberg Roll-To-Sheet Perfector, Markham’s Sina Printing has come an incredibly long way in just over a decade. For the past 12 years, Sina has been quietly establishing itself as one of the best sources for printing brokers, small printers, and photocopy store outlets, while growing at … Read more →

We’re only impressing ourselves!

My fiancée and I are both in the printing industry, and both attended Ryerson University’s Graphic Communications Management program. Often, when gifts are being distributed, we marvel at the wrapping, or the card, or the binding on a book. There’s usually a minute or two of discussion on how it was done, how much it … Read more →

Customer value all year round

With a new year on its way, we are all encouraged to look ahead, and well we should! It is a wonderful time to make lifestyle changes, re-evaluate goals, and make plans for the future. They say that there comes a time in every person’s life when he must stop looking forward at the person … Read more →

Listen your way to sales success

There are many factors and variables that affect our sales on any given day. There is however, one key skill that will help you increase your sales immediately. Listen to your customer! That’s it! That’s all it takes to close more sales. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the majority of salespeople fail to listen. In … Read more →

Are you a manager or an operator?

Recently I was having a discussion with a client, the Chief Executive Officer of his organization, about the role he played in his organization. My client stated that he was the best appraiser that the organization had, and that he knew more than anyone else about appraising. The Vice President of the organization had also … Read more →

Washful thinking

Recently, while performing a pollution prevention assessment for a medium-sized printer, I completed a study on the pros and cons of using an auto blanket wash system (as opposed to manual cleaning). Even though their Roland press equipment was equipped with an Autowash system, all cleaning of blankets and rollers on the presses is done … Read more →

Runningreen—BC’s Eco Printing Infoforum

The room was full and they all had the same question: how do I design, spec, produce, and use print in the most environmentally responsible way? More than 200 designers, printers, and corporate marketers met November 19 at Simon Fraser University in downtown Vancouver to learn more. Speakers at Runningreen focused primarily on paper—its manufacture … Read more →

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy

Q. Our company just upgraded our Microsoft Exchange server and I can no longer send attachments. If I attach a jpeg, it arrives as zero K in size, unless I send it as a zip file. Is there a workaround? A. The Internet deals best with ASCII text files. However many of the files we … Read more →

SGIA 2007- “DPI Product of the Year Award”

The SGIA (Specialty Printing & Imaging Expo) was held in Orlando, Florida this October, and took us up-close and personal with the specialty imaging community in all its high-tech glory. Inkjet printers were again the highlight of the show. In conjunction with SGIA, DPI holds its Product of the Year competition, which compares digital imaging … Read more →

Flexible Acrobat PDF Automation

The PDF file format has changed printing workflows over the years, and workflows also change as the flow of data changes. Too much of our time is spent finding the best way to get new files through our workflow. The Acrobat elements in FullSWITCH and PowerSWITCH give you the tools to automate many of the … Read more →