DIA stays on top of industry changes

On Wednesday December 5, 2007, over 130 people, representing a broad cross section of our industry, came together for the Digital Imaging Association’s traditional Christmas Lunch and Annual General Meeting—held this year at the prestigious Boulevard Club. Bob Weller, the association’s First Vice President, quickly took care of AGM business and introduced the DIA’s 2008 … Read more →

Starting well and finishing strong

In just under 5 years, North York’s Graphic Finishers has established itself as an industry leader in just about every phase of finishing – and the company is still expanding! The story of how a small, family-run firm in North York, Ontario became one of the best trade finishing shops in the industry is a … Read more →

Learn to love change

Psychologists have discovered that humans actually crave novelty and change. Yet most of us stay in the safe harbor of the known. We think that we’ll be happier and more secure in the familiar world of the known. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Avoiding change and growth is the the most dangerous … Read more →

A celebrity birthday—Helvetica turns 50

As you look back at your birthday calendar for 2007, you may have accidentally left out the birthday of a celebrity you likely see everyday. This ubiquitous hotshot is, of course, the typeface Helvetica. This popular sans serif font celebrated its 50th birthday this past year, with tributes around the world. Some of these events … Read more →

Feeble questions can kill your business

“Would you like to know the difference between these products?” “Can I explain what makes us different than our competitors?” “Is saving money important to you?” “Do you want this feature?” Do you ask these questions or variations of them? I certainly hope not. They are feeble questions and they do nothing to help you … Read more →

Is going back to school right for me?

I am currently working part time on a Print Masters. Deciding to return to school wasn’t difficult for me, but for many people in the industry, the decision is a tricky one. If you have thought at all about returning to school—or are considering postsecondary education for the first time—the following are some good questions … Read more →

Why show leads are mishandled

Mishandled trade show leads are, sadly, more the rule than the exception. Whether you are exhibiting to increase business or have a communication need, such as brand reinforcement, the contacts you make at trade shows are of value and that value decreases each day they go unanswered. Perhaps understanding the reasons for lead mishandling will … Read more →

Planning or roaming

How many people start on a trip without doing some planning? In my work I have to do quite a lot of traveling, frequently to the same cities. One may think that the repetition would make planning unnecessary, but changing travel conditions make planning more necessary than ever. Arriving at US Customs without a passport … Read more →

Is your license suspended?

Is your software licensing in compliance? How do you know if it is? You may be surprised by the consequences if it is not. Many believe that only large companies are targeted by software compliance investigations. In reality, any individual or company, large or small, can end up paying large settlements for inappropriately-used software. We’ve … Read more →

Canon iPF8000s product review

Specialty imaging is a high-tech and potentially high-profit area of graphic arts, and Canon has many products which perfectly address the needs of high-production specialty imaging shops. Canon’s all-new imagePROGRAF S-Series of eight-colour large format printers boast up to a 40 percent increase in print speed as compared to their predecessors. The imagePROGRAF iPF9000S and … Read more →