View from the publisher

It’s nearly the end of March and as I rise this morning, I notice that there’s more snow on the ground. I actually love the wintertime. It lets me enjoy skiing with my children a few times – in between, of course, the numerous hockey games. All this makes winter a little more bearable for … Read more →

Looking forward

Tools of the trade It’s pretty easy to tell other people what to do. Looking in from the outside and offering suggestions is a universal human trait, exhibited by everyone from backseat drivers to magazine editors. The more difficult task, of course, is to offer specifics—moving beyond “hey, was that really the best lane?” to … Read more →

2008 printing profitability study

Hart & Associates Management Consultants is about to launch its sales and profitability study on the Canadian printing and imaging industry. In response to the need to have solid financial and operating results specifically for the Canadian industry, the Toronto based consulting firm will be conducting this focused study starting in April to serve as … Read more →

Printing the big picture

What better use of printed graphics than for attention-getting posters and banners? The options are endless—from indoor advertising displays, to outdoor billboards, to vehicle and building wraps. The trick is to print them so that they still look good close up. Such large prints are typically the province of ink jet printers. A few definitions … Read more →

Xplor-ing at On Demand and taking AIIM

The convergence of three major events—On Demand, AIIM, and Xplor’s XDU—and one little one—Drupalcon—made for an interesting hike around the Boston Convention Center. Spring in Boston, especially the first week in March, is an iffy proposition at the best of times, but this year the city enjoyed some of its most beautiful spring weather in … Read more →

Problem solving in the pressroom

The Printing and Graphic Arts Committee (PGAC) of the Pulp and Paper Technical Association Canada (PAPTAC), organized a technical session during Paperweek International on February 6, 2008 in Montreal. I attended the afternoon session and, as a manufacturer of pressroom chemistry, I was impressed with not only the expertise of the speakers but with the … Read more →

Living in a digital world

It’s a digital world at Hewlett Packard, and their recent pre-drupa event in Israel revealed (for those who didn’t know already) their desire to add more digital colour to your world. Journalists and analysts converged on Tel Aviv for an information-packed four days in which HP executives revealed their hopes for the company’s future, and … Read more →

Large-format inkjet printer investment trends

The large format inkjet business is unquestionably a great business opportunity for commercial printers, quick printers, and graphic arts firms, and the profit margin can be excellent if you produce good work, develop your customer account base, and deliver goods reliably. The expanded use of large format inkjet printers has been due to the fact … Read more →

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy – April 2008

Q. Our client has recently started sending us Word files that we cannot open. They say they have the latest version of Word. Is there another way that they can save their files? A. Your customer has recently upgraded to either Word 2007 on Windows or Word 2008 on Macintosh. Previous versions of Word and … Read more →

Web-to-print in the consumer market

Printers everywhere are embracing Web-to-Print solutions, and for good reason. Web-to-Print storefronts provide an avenue for printers to streamline their production processes, offer enhanced customer relations capabilities, and drive business to their digital presses. Most importantly, Web-to-Print can open up new lines of business and generate new revenue opportunities. One of the many appealing qualities … Read more →

Singing of sheetfed

I’d love to begin this article with some kind of rhyming mnemonic for recalling the major large-format printing processes, but alas there are only three. For a few years now, digital has been the mainstay, flooding the short run market with its vibrant color and timely turn-around. Along with digital, gravure has also hung around. … Read more →