View from the publisher

The Western Grafik’Art Trade Show premiered last month. It was held in Abbotsford, British Columbia from April 11 – 13. It was a relatively small show, but it was a great show by most other standards. Congratulations to Louie Bernard for doing such an outstanding job. I’m sure this is the start of many big … Read more →

Personal Fulfillment

The sun is shining, the scilla, tulips, and daffodils are adding a much-needed touch of cyan, magenta, and yellow to the landscape, and spring is everywhere you look. It’s a season of change and renewal—what better time than now for a change and renewal of our cover? “It doesn’t look that different,” you might be … Read more →

After you’ve signed the dotted line…

You’ve done it! You’ve done your research, you’ve selected your technology, you’ve put down tens of thousands—if not hundreds of thousands—of dollars on a digital press, and you’re ready to launch your variable data printing business! Congratulations! Just a couple of quick questions: What if you need a little help with your go-to-market plan? Think … Read more →

Fulfilling your clients’ needs

Put yourself in the position of a publishing or marketing executive for one moment. Your company needs to get the word out about its products and services, needs some means to receive customer responses, and also must deliver goods into the hands of the consumer. The broad range of media with which initial consumer contact … Read more →

The secret of a good impression

Lithography is a very simple process. Water and ink are metered to the plate simultaneously, at high speed, and with great precision. The ink and water mix with each other in a controlled way on the form rollers and then deposit separately, each to its own designated area on the plate. Experienced pressmen know that … Read more →

A valuable piece of Quartz

When running variable data jobs, one often needs to deal with thousands of small PDF files or one big fat PDF. In both cases, it can take quite a bit of Acrobat time to make any changes to these files, and your system will need all of its resources. By using Automator, you can bypass … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT guy

Q. When I send Windows users a jpeg file from Apple Mail, they say they cannot open the attachment. I can send the same file to a Mac user without an issue. What is going on? A. The problem is that you are becoming a victim of “Windows Friendly” mail messages. When you drag and … Read more →

The value of education

In 1850, a group of journeymen printers gathered in the Tammany Hall in New York City to listen to the distinguished printer Horace Greeley discourse on training issues facing the industry at the time. “The curse of our trade is the ease of competition,” he said, and what was true then rings just as true … Read more →

How to sell to anyone

Let’s face it, we all have difficult customers to whom we are required to sell. From the demanding, abrasive buyer to the individual who never seems to decide, we encounter challenging people regularly. Part of the reason this happens is due to personality conflict. This article will look at the four key personality types and … Read more →

The P2 challenge

Challenge is the thing about Pollution Prevention (P2) that piques and maintains my professional interest as an environmental consultant. The first challenge for me was to learn how to change our industry’s business/environmental paradigm from grudgingly just complying with environmental regulations to embracing P2 as part of their profit centre. It is amazing to think … Read more →

MBA musings and technology trends

Sitting in the last day of my Global Technology Trends class at Ryerson, I began reflecting on the changes in our industry. The number of printing students with in-depth technological knowledge seems to be increasing, which is great news for our industry, as it begins to react to the trends of digitization, convergence, and automation. … Read more →