JDF and workflow for your company

So what is JDF, where does it fit, what does it mean, and why should anyone care? And what is this thing called “workflow” anyway? By the time this issue is in your hands, drupa 2008 will be history. We’ll see whether the promise of the “inkjet drupa” or the “green drupa” was borne out, … Read more →

View from the publisher

With all the doom and gloom in the industry it’s always great to hear good news and the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Howard Graphics was a really fabulous occasion. It was held on Friday, April 25th and was titled “People, Passion & Print.” Over 500 guests from the Printing Industry attended and it … Read more →

Looking forward

It all comes back to flour sacks After reading Jeanette Clinkunbroomer’s article on lean manufacturing, which starts on page 24, it occurred to me that perhaps the problem with waste in printing—and in so many other areas—isn’t that we waste. Instead, the problem is that we’ve forgotten (or never knew) exactly what waste is. Which … Read more →

Kaizen Culture—making your shop a lean printing machine

The term “lean manufacturing” implies that many businesses are running “fat,” that is, operating with too many employees, too many distracting non-core operations, and too much time and money invested in too many irrelevant or downright useless activities. While printing companies that operate on shoestring budgets and find themselves running 24/7 just to keep up … Read more →

Grafik’Art goes west

Coming off a season of mega trade events and facing drupa 2008, the biggest of all, the intimate setting of Western Grafik’Art, held April 11-13 at TRADEX in Abbotsford, BC, was a delight. The event’s debut attracted more than 1500 registrants. For attendees, it was an opportunity to be “up close and personal” with the … Read more →

JDF: What’s in it for me?

JDF is not a silver bullet. But imagine the payback if you can save 2 to 5 minutes per job – on every job. That’s “what’s in it for me”: process more jobs on time with fewer people. The PIA/GATF annually publishes survey results highlighting their members’ financial results. When you look at the financials … Read more →

A volatile problem

Making the transition to a low-VOC wash doesn’t have to cause undue sacrifice or frustration. The following steps can eliminate some of the problem areas and make the changeover successful. VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are unhealthy for many reasons—they can harm the environment by helping form smog, which damages crops and forests in addition to … Read more →

The inkjet opportunity in rapid prototyping

The world is speeding up—no doubt about it—and a faster world requires faster manufacturing, which means rapid prototyping is necessary to get products to market more quickly. Past methods for rapid prototyping included casting, molding, and stamping. In the 1980s, new technologies, such as lamination and stereo lithography, appeared to make the rapid prototyping process … Read more →

Resources for automating workflows

I’ve developed many different automated workflows, but I couldn’t have done it without some key resources at my disposal. There are too many resources to list in one article, but the ones discussed below are great to start with if you are keen to further automate your workflows. The homepage of Crossroads (http://Crossroads.Gradual.com), announces that … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT guy

Q. I recently upgraded to Leopard and I wanted to use “Quick Look”, but I cannot find it in the Finder. How can I load it in the toolbar? A. There is an unfortunate side affect to upgrading your Mac from either Panther or Tiger, and it is that the new features of the Finder … Read more →

Take out the trash

Is your head trash piling up? “Head trash,” if you haven’t heard of it, is the mental garbage that affects your performance. It’s a collection of limiting thoughts or ideas that prevent you from generating better results. It’s something you need to take out of your life. In a sales training workshop I conducted for … Read more →

Evaluating your exhibit performance

When trying to achieve better results with fewer marketing resources, knowing that your exhibit program is achieving a positive ROI is crucial. When you examine your results, you want to be sure you have answered the question, “How do we know if our exhibit program is doing what it is supposed to do?” Simple measurement … Read more →