drupa 08 – Setting new benchmarks

Every four years brings us a U.S. election, the Olympics, the World Cup, and drupa. And make no mistake. Drupa is every bit as exciting as those other ones. This year was no exception. Around 391,000 visitors from 138 countries attended the two-week long “Messe”, which featured 1971 exhibitors from 52 countries. Although attendance was … Read more →

View from the publisher

I’m just back from drupa. What an experience! If you were ever at Graphics Canada (which is the largest show in Canada), drupa is about 20 times larger – nearly 40 acres in size! Admission was 56 euros and nearly 400,000 visitors went to check out the numerous exhibits. As I mentioned, the first thing … Read more →

Looking forward

This may be the last time… With drupa finished for another four years, and the lazy—or at least slightly lazier—days of summer beckoning, it’s my pleasure to introduce our July/August double issue, which is full of some post-drupa reading which will benefit both attendees and those who didn’t manage to get across the pond. I … Read more →

Offset and Digital: A profitable marriage?

Many Canadian printers are now combining digital and traditional offset in their shops. And while this love affair will likely stand the test of time, it‘s the engagement period that might prove difficult. Here it is in a nutshell: Traditional offset still rules, with about a 70% to 80% market share, depending on the shop … Read more →

Fountain solution chemistry

What is fountain solution? The dampening system on a lithographic sheetfed press applies a water-based dampening or fountain solution to the printing plate before it is inked. Dampening solutions keep the non-image areas of a plate moistened so that they will not accept ink, and are applied to the entire plate. The non-image areas of … Read more →

Graphic Arts IT guy

I’ve had a lot of questions about Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, so rather than present them separately I will present them together. Connecting to servers is not simple, at first With Leopard, Apple has simplified the way we connect to servers and other computers that have enabled file sharing. However the simplification has also … Read more →

Dig deep

There are a number of reasons why digital and offset don’t work together more often. The speeds, costs, and production of both processes are completely dissimilar, and there are few areas of overlap—except for variable printing done on offset pieces. The higher cost per unit of variable data printing is often outweighed by a greater … Read more →

It may not be print…but it sure is profit!

The internet is here to stay. While that statement is far from revolutionary, it has taken printers some time to accept and deal with the repercussions of that fact, and then to move on to exploiting the web’s advantages. Printers are now offering many types of e-print solutions. Business models similar to Vista Print’s have … Read more →

Printer Profile: RACAD

RACAD’s GoPrint2 Print Driver poised to change the way printers do business online Innovative, revolutionary software eliminates many of the obstacles associated with traditional methods of processing jobs In a way, it’s like having your own print shop located in the business offices of every one of your clients. It’s also a very clever way … Read more →

Why is she so important?

Does this question ever cross your mind when you are sitting waiting for Sally the marketing manager or Susan the sales rep to arrive at a meeting? It crosses my mind, and it sure bothers me. Time and again, meetings are delayed while the chairperson waits for late participants to arrive. As time goes by, … Read more →