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As the summer of 2008 comes to a close, we say goodbye to the Beijing Olympics. I think China, despite all its problems and critics, put on a fabulous show. Can you imagine all the meticulous planning and hard work that went into organizing these Games? The opening ceremonies will likely go down as the … Read more →

Happy New Year

September is the mark of a new year—the school year that is. Those with children especially feel the buzz of new beginnings as new backpacks are purchased (even though last year’s is still fine) and outfits are selected (each year further removed from what was once normal). September will also be the mark of a … Read more →

Wide format flatbed—you can print on just about anything

This month we peek inside six operations located across the country, from Montréal to Vancouver, that are producing projects on inkjet flatbed and flatbed/roll hybrid equipment. These digital printing companies are using printers from a wide range of manufacturers, including EFI VUTEk, Durst, Gandinnovations, HP Scitex, Inca Digital and Océ. So exactly how big is … Read more →

Graph Expo 2008 preview

As you’re reading this, almost 600 exhibitors are preparing to showcase their products and technology in what promises to be one of the most revealing, educational, event-filled and exciting shows in recent years. It’s been called the drupa of North America, and though it may not equal Europe’s mother of all tradeshows in floor space … Read more →

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy

Q. Does Windows file sharing run automatically on Leopard, or is there something else I need to do? A. Windows file sharing is still available in Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard although it appears to be hidden. To turn on Windows file sharing, open “System Preferences” and click on the sharing icon. Next, put a … Read more →

Built-in automation for Aperture

When I started using Aperture, I was amazed at all the Automation support available for the product. As always, I must spread the news. If you launch Automator, and type Aperture in the search window you will see a list of built-in actions that are ready to use with Automator workflows. From here, you can … Read more →

UV Flatbed, the last frontier?

Conventional wisdom dictates that there are limitations to each of the individual printing processes. Web is geared for long runs on only a few substrates; Sheetfed is only economical between 1000 and 50,000 impressions, or when the substrate can’t work in a web machine; Flexo is a packaging process; Screen printing is limited to very … Read more →

What to do with non-recyclables

Durham Region has come up with a plan to divert 70% of its waste from disposal by building a waste-to-energy (WtE) plant, rather than using landfill. I believe this is a positive approach to a very real problem. Toronto still intends to use its Green Lane Landfill site near London to truck its garbage, but … Read more →

Raise the bar on customer satisfaction

When Home Depot first opened in my neighborhood, the service was amazing. All my questions were answered, someone helped me carry bulky purchases to my car and cashiers seemed genuinely interested. What I wanted was that level of service to remain – it didn’t. Over the years, Home Depot has badly deteriorated, forcing me to … Read more →

Are you lonesome tonight?

If the top dogs of an organization had a theme song, it would be the popular Elvis-tune, Are you Lonesome Tonight? Maintaining a self-sufficient image, executives and top managers often lead a lonely existence at work. Although these wise leaders reap expert knowledge from the specialists they employ, they are often faced with dilemmas they … Read more →