View from the publisher – November 2008

The Canadian people elected a new Parliament in the midst of the great financial crisis of 2008. Prime Minister Harper extended his lead from 32 MPs to 67, and there is a good chance that this parliament will be around for the next four years. Mr. Dion’s carbon tax did not resonate with the Canadian … Read more →

Automating the automation

Print estimation and job management tools The challenge in estimating printing work is that every job is a custom job. The paper type, size, volume of pieces, the binding and finishing as well as whether the job is printed in colour or black-and-white are specific to each order. All of these vary from one job … Read more →

The changing world of printing

Printing has changed more in the last 50 years than it has in the previous 200–and with each change, there are new opportunities and challenges. Let’s look at the evolution of the digital printing era, some of the challenges faced, the opportunities it has created and where we are today. With film, we refined what … Read more →

Bigger files, same old FTP

With the latest versions of software, there is a great power to create. We are, however, creating larger and larger files, filling up CDs and DVDs to send to the printer and uploading files to their FTP sites. For years, prepress personnel have talked customers through sending files via FTP from their Macs and PCs, … Read more →

And the answer is…

I’m lucky in many ways. Each year, I get to meet thousands of people live or on the Internet. What they all have in common is their desire to get more from their exhibit investment. When I’m asked questions I keep them in a file, and every once an awhile, I get a chance to … Read more →

Practical GRACoL

The holy grail of printing is a visual match from proof-to-press. In a perfect world, the content creator should be able to produce an internal proof that is within 5% of the final print run. This all sounds like a goal only our grandchildren will achieve, but the reality is that with the introduction of … Read more →

Eco-efficiency: Sustainability for survival

It is becoming evident that economics is now driving environmental action. Economics used to be the excuse to avoid environmental concerns as “not economically viable.” Sustainability is the new buzz word for corporate shareholders, banks, municipalities, financial and insurance companies. BMEs (big and medium enterprises) and most SMEs are being asked to show, in shareholder … Read more →


How many times do you look at an under-performing employee and wonder how that individual was hired? An even more disturbing thought is wondering how that person stayed employed with your company for so long. The answer to both questions lies in the fact that management most likely did not carry our their responsibilities properly. … Read more →

My customer asked me

My customer asked me: “Can I print using electronic ink like the Esquire cover?” The first time I saw E-Ink in action was on Oct. 1 at Ryerson University’s Press Inauguration at the School of Graphic Communications Management. As Chair, Abhay Sharma, held the October issue of Esquire magazine up high above his head. I … Read more →