Print World 2008 review

The east may have lost this year’s Canadian football prize, but there was one big winner on Grey Cup Weekend – the printing industry! While exact attendance figures were not available at press time, it appears that Saturday, Nov. 22 was by far the best day of the recently concluded Print World Show held Nov. … Read more →

Graph Expo 2008 review

Graph Expo took place in Chicago at McCormick Place this year from Oct. 26-29. It was the largest show of its kind in North America, bringing over 600 exhibitors together in an incredible venue that spanned over 400,000 net square feet. There was a general consensus at the show that attendance was down from previous … Read more →

Has the stock market crash hurt you?

This question was recently asked in an Internet poll. At the time of the poll, 45% of the participants indicated that the crash had hurt them a lot. Another 30% indicated that they had been hurt a little, while 26% indicated that they hadn’t been hurt at all. The surprising statistic isn’t the 45%, but … Read more →

Eco-friendly large format inkjet printers

New eco-friendly legislation is starting to change the way most wide-format print providers run their businesses. Since solvent-based ink is volatile and releases chemicals into the air, there are many health concerns starting to come to the forefront. New laws mandating the reduction of VOCs are leading printer manufacturers to develop less volatile inks and … Read more →

Getting technical with T-shirts

Have you ever heard something funny and thought to yourself “that would make a great t-shirt!” Most of us have, even if we are the only ones amused. Well, it’s now completely possible through direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. The inkjet-based process is also known as inkjet-to-garment printing and allows for the efficient production of one-off garments. … Read more →

This is your time to automate

Serious attention is focused on workflow automation. Now, with an online community at, the industry has a forum to share ideas, discuss issues directly with the third party developers and find local partners for custom solutions. What holds many people back is not knowing how or where to start. Here are some steps to … Read more →

View from the publisher – December 2008

The holiday season is fast approaching as we get ready to close out 2008. How has this year been for you? To say “interesting” might be an understatement. We have seen governments change and then change again. Oil prices hit record highs followed by drastic declines. As the financial crisis speeds across the globe, fear … Read more →

Happy holidays

While on an average December day one might have several dozen conversations about various things, this year it seems the topics are split down the center between the doom and gloom of the recession and the holly-jolly of the holidays. This leads me to believe that things are not as bad as they could be‚Ķand … Read more →

RFID and security inks

New revenue streams for the traditional printer At the Oct. 15 meeting, the Digital Imaging Association once again delivered high-value to all attendees. Security is becoming ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives. A recent survey of 186 global organizations by ABI Research found that Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is being used or evaluated for … Read more →