View from the publisher – December 2008

The holiday season is fast approaching as we get ready to close out 2008.

How has this year been for you? To say “interesting” might be an understatement. We have seen governments change and then change again. Oil prices hit record highs followed by drastic declines.

As the financial crisis speeds across the globe, fear permeates almost every media headline. These are interesting times to say the least, but it’s very important that we keep some perspective – when times get tough, the tough get focused and get going.

The sky is not falling. Let’s look at some facts about Canada. Canada’s banking system was rated number one in the world by the Economic Forum followed by Sweden, Luxenbourg and Australia. The United States was ranked 40th, Britain 44th and Algeria came in last at 144th. The Governor of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney, stated: “Canada’s economy, and the balance sheets of its government, business and households are in better shape than those in most other countries to deal with the financial crisis.”

The housing market is also solid. Take Edmonton in September of 2008 as an example. It boasted the second highest number of houses ever sold in that city. Mortgage rates are also low. Sure, the stock market keeps bouncing in all directions, giving the media something to report on. All economies have their cycles – that’s what makes them stronger than the one before.

Keep it all in perspective, use this time to restructure and streamline your opertations and decide what market you want to focus on. Then go for it! It’s very easy to complain, but you must dig deeper and find something pleasant and positive to talk to your customers about. Negative conversation never helped anyone.

Please check out our Graph Expo review on page 30 and our Print World review on page 24. This being our last issue for 2008, we look forward to bringing you great features in 2009, beginning in February with “10 tips for surviving a recession in the print industry” and “Future talent – where will the next generation of talent come from?”

I would like to wish all of our readers, advertisers and their families a very happy Christmas and a bright and prosperous new year.

As always, stay positive and stay focused.

Joe Mulcahy


Joe Mulcahy Publisher, Graphic Arts Magazine