Where is our future talent coming from?

Technology is changing the printing industry. Once considered part of the manufacturing sector, the printing and graphic communications industry is now much more a part of the service industry. And, for no one is this truer than for people working in the graphic arts and prepress areas. Working with new technology is changing the nature … Read more →

Stability in uncertainty

“I don’t want to make the wrong mistake.” – Yogi Berra Where do you look for answers when the economy is imploding? Who out there has sage advice on economic survival for the small business owner? There’s a lot of talk about helping “Wall Street” or “Bay Street,” but not much about “Main Street.” As … Read more →

Automate and save

We have all been reading that automation is the key to saving money, eliminating errors, increasing capacity and getting the most out of our existing equipment and resources. Getting started can be made easy with do-it-yourself software and your own server. The following are some suggested server setups that can be implemented with relatively low … Read more →

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy

Q. We continue to get complaints from PC users that we send email using Apple’s Mail application. They get the message as an attachment and don’t see the attached files. Often they end up running the wrong file in our ad because they miss the instructions in our email. How can we avoid this? A. … Read more →

My customer asked me…

“What’s the deal with photo books?” Digital printing provides an alternative to offset lithography for those looking to produce a limited number of books. Furthermore, digital printing also allows for variable printing, whereby a unique image is printed with every pass. This print on demand (POD) technology has introduced a tidal wave of potential for … Read more →

An opportunity for change

Many businesses will undoubtedly find these times to be too challenging and, as a result, will either voluntarily decide to wind-up or, alternatively, be forced into liquidation. In some situations, businesses should have been closed much earlier, since they were run using poor business practices. They were poorly managed and only through some good luck … Read more →

Are you on the right mountain?

The Digital Imaging Association’s annual Christmas lunch featured keynote speaker Jim Hayhurst. Jim is the founder and president of The Right Mountain Inc., a career centre and corporate consulting group that has helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations around the world define and achieve success. The company grew out of Jim’s own personal … Read more →

What’s happening in your company?

For the past three years, as a senior writer for Graphic Arts Magazine, it has been my great pleasure to meet many of you in the printing and graphic arts industries. I have made wonderful new friends and learned a lot. During that time, I was also able to work closely with you to try … Read more →