Environmental issues in print

The Print Supply Chain Designers and consumers are more aware of the environmental issues surrounding them. A survey of 326 graphic design, marketing and advertising professionals by Monadnock paper company, discovered that a very high majority (84%) felt that sustainability as a design factor is increasing. And, nearly the same number believe that sustainable choices … Read more →

Wide format printing – doors of opportunity

The year 2008 has been a challenging one for many companies, yet wide format printing has been very profitable for many of those companies. It’s still an emerging technology, but enhancing your business with wide format printing capabilities is still a good business decision. Don Skenderian, vice-president of EskoArtwork adds that “compared to other segments … Read more →

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy – March 2009

Q. Using Safari, I am having trouble entering my address on websites because it enters the information incorrectly. I must have entered the postal code by mistake in the past, and I cannot enter the correct information. A. You are having trouble because of the auto fill feature in your Web browser. You can usually … Read more →

Beware of automatic software updates

Almost every application used in production is set to automatically update itself through the Internet. The decision to update is purely based on the fact that we are told that it is available, but this is not always the best policy. The operating system of a Mac is, by default, set to announce new updates … Read more →

My customer asked me…

“How can we reduce costs with remote soft proofing?” Soft proofing is on the rise as a valid means of approving print based on content and, increasingly, colour. Globalization, turnaround time and especially cost reduction are some of the reasons why remote soft proofing is becoming necessary. When it comes to soft proofing solutions, there … Read more →

A time to think smart

Everytime a business, industry or country faces an economic crisis there is a propensity for some decision makers to succumb to knee-jerk reactions. These reactions frequently take the form of substantial “across the board” cuts in everything from expense spending to staff reductions. Little thought is given to what effect the action will have on … Read more →

Bindery evolution

The evolution of binderies shows a trend of continual value added – more operations on the same piece, multiple operations inline, customization, individualization and sample packaging. The innovation of new processes to involve, intrigue and awe the consumer by using innovative ways to draw them to action is impressive. I’m seeing exponential growth in unusual … Read more →

Enhance workflow and productivity with Adobe CS4

Industry managers, supervisors and prepress operators braved the January cold to join sponsors, Digital Imaging Association and PaperlinX for firsthand insight into the brilliance of Adobe CS4. The Creative Suite Sebastian DiStefano, Canada’s “Guy from Adobe,” provided an in-depth look at Adobe’s second release of the Creative Suite since the merger with Macromedia. DiStefano also … Read more →

Speaking of environmental leadership

Green initiatives seem to be everyone’s focus these days. Companies are even using their environmental efforts to market themselves and sell their products. Just about everyone is jumping on this huge bandwagon to avoid being left in the dust. I set out to talk with a leader in environmentally-friendly and sustainable printing in Canada; someone … Read more →

Editor’s notebook

FPINNOVATIONS AND UNIGRAPH PARTNER IN RESEARCH STUDY Quebec-based FPInnovations and Unigraph have teamed up for a key research study delving into linting and piling. FPInnovations of Pointe Claire, Quebec, brings together FERIC, Forintek, Paprican and the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre of Natural Resources Canada to create the world’s largest private, not-for-profit forest research institute. Created … Read more →

Spring is here

Welcome to my favourite issue of the year. Spring is fast approaching, and words like “green,” “earth-friendly,” and “recycling” are trending on Google. Every year, around this time, I start remembering how much I miss green. March has a tendency to tease us with short spurts of sunshine that remind me how wonderful it would … Read more →