A portrait of Canadian book printers

With news of the Quebecor bankruptcy in 2008 and the drastic employment cuts across Canada’s manufacturing, banking and finance sectors, it would be easy to assume that the Canadian book printing industry, too, is in need of a moral boost. But, that would be an oversimplification. Interviews with some of the largest book printing companies … Read more →

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy – April 2009

Q. When we have guests on our network, they have trouble sending mail. We are with Rogers and the messages go out, but they don’t get delivered. What could be wrong? A. A few years ago, Rogers and Yahoo! joined forces so they could manage mail services together using Yahoo!’s mail servers. While this benefits … Read more →

Standardize and optimize PDF colour

There are professional tools available to create internationally standardized PDF files. You may be creating PDF/X standard files right out of Indesign or Acrobat Distiller, but is your colour standardized? Can you rely on your separated CMYK PDF files to reproduce correctly? Crossroads Automation lists several partners in colour optimization and standardization. Elpical, Alwan, Apago, … Read more →

Is HR a cost you can do without?

During tough economic times, organizations try to cut every cost they can; anything unnecessary goes. A hand-to-mouth attitude takes over. Activities that don’t immediately contribute to profits are classed as disposable. In many organizations, one area of the business that is viewed in this light is human resources. Unfortunately, human resources management is frequently seen … Read more →

Building your business with direct mail

Attendees at the Digital Imaging Association’s February presentation learned first hand where the growth opportunities are for Canadian printers pursuing direct mail – a print-intensive, lucrative business model. A near-capacity group of industry professionals came to hear the following: ‚Ä¢ What are the trends and upcoming changes in Direct Mail – and how will they … Read more →

Lessons from the first Earth Day

Global warming may be a hard sell to Canadians with record snowfalls this past winter, but with spring upon us, we can look at what has already been achieved since the first Earth Days. Yes, there are two; first, the UN initiative founded in March 1969 by peace activist, John McConell and the more familiar … Read more →

As long as you have options

“Desperation is the raw material of drastic change. Only those who can leave behind everything they have ever believed in can hope to escape.” – William S. Burroughs As a business owner, are you weathering the economic turmoil with dignity and grace? Have you taken the steps to ensure your company’s continuing viability? Have you … Read more →

Editor’s notebook – April 2009

CPISC Executive Director in Hall of Fame CPISC’s executive director, Marie Eveline, was inducted into the Algonquin College Media Hall of Fame in a special ceremony at the college last month. The hall of fame was established by the college’s Media Studies Department in 2008 to recognize people for their contribution to media industries related … Read more →

RyeTAGA goes to “The Big Easy”

The road to TAGA’s 61st Annual Technical Conference has been a long and bumpy one for the 2009 Ryerson TAGA Student Chapter. However, it was also a road filled with a lot of excitement, enjoyment and étouffée (good Nawlins food definitely goes a long way). This year’s Technical Conference was held in New Orleans from … Read more →

Lucky guy

I recently purchased a new computer. The gentleman who was selling it to me was a little less than enthusiastic about me making the purchase. Here I was in the store thinking I’m saving his job by making this “big purchase.” I mean who buys a computer in the middle of this economic disaster? Why … Read more →

Note from the publisher

March is a great month with the hope of spring around the corner. Last month saw Ireland win the Six Nations Cup in rugby. This was the first time in 61 years that Ireland had won it! They never gave up trying after trailing early in the game, and came back stronger each time, ready … Read more →