Note from the publisher

March is a great month with the hope of spring around the corner. Last month saw Ireland win the Six Nations Cup in rugby. This was the first time in 61 years that Ireland had won it! They never gave up trying after trailing early in the game, and came back stronger each time, ready to play.

I’m sure some of you feel the same way each day when you show up to work – but keep at it and things will turn around. No economy is ever going to turn around unless its citizens believe in it and keep working at it. Keep a positive attitude. There’s no point in being miserable about the economy – use this time to be innovative and explore new ideas and methods.

It was great to see Jay Mandarino of C.J. Graphics at the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Luncheon in Toronto March 17. With 1,500 in attendance, it’s the largest St.Patrick’s Day Luncheon in the world. Jay skillfully took on the job of auctioneer and raised a lot of money for the charitable function.

Make sure to read our lead article “The little guy vs the behemoth, who has it better?” John Zarwan offers a lot of valuable information. Turn to page 22 to find a “Portrait of Canadian book printers” by Olga Orda. Then page 46 has our regular column “My Customer Asked Me‚Ķ” by Natalia Gilewicz. She relays informative tips on survey marketing – a useful process in these tough economic times when you want to find out what’s really important to your customers and what isn’t. It’s always important to know where to trim and where to increase budget spending.

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We just spent a week in Southwest Florida. If you want to know how badly hit the U.S. market is, just look at the numerous properties that have dropped over 50% there already. This may be a buying opportunity for those north of the 49th parallel.

As soon as we get the May edition out (closing date for ads April 13th), we’re heading off to Montreal for the Grafik’Art trade show from April 23- 25. If you’re at the show, stop by for a chat and a special gift. We’re at booth 250.

Until next time,

“Love life and happiness.
May your troubles be few
and your blessings be many.”

And, as always, stay positive and stay focused.


Joe Mulcahy Publisher, Graphic Arts Magazine