Women in print

I’ve been staring at my cursor blinking at me for longer than I should, coaxing myself into typing something clever about women in the first sentence. I could start with a statistic, or perhaps a joke…maybe even a blonde joke at my own expense. The fact is that it’s difficult to know where to begin. … Read more →

Making your case

At a recent industry conference, I saw several different sales presentations as sponsors of the conference presented their products and services. Unfortunately, most of them missed the mark. But, they are not alone; having been subjected to dozens of sales presentations over the years, I have discovered that most sales people fail to deliver a … Read more →

Trade show survival tips

I recently had the opportunity of moderating a panel of experts at the Eastern Canada chapter of the Trade Show Exhibitors Association. The panel members covered four areas of the exhibition industry; a show manager, a display builder, a shipper and a show contractor. Each spoke on how to ride out the current economic uncertainly … Read more →

Automation requirement: clean up your fonts

Before you attempt automation, you need to ensure you have cleaned up your files and have practices in place to allow automated workflows to succeed. As you upgrade and maintain your hardware and software, you should also include your fonts. Workstations have fonts stored in many locations – the Quark folder, InDesign folder, library, user … Read more →

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy – May 09

Q. I want to set up a wireless network and my friend tells me all he needs to do is hide the network or use the machine address. Somehow that doesn’t seem very secure. Is that all he needs to do? A. You are correct to be suspicious of this advice. As wireless networks have … Read more →

PUR adhesive perfect binding can take it

The word is out. PUR (polyurethane reactive) is hands down the best glue for adhesive perfect binding. For durability, nothing comes close. Consider this: take a PUR-bound book, throw it in the washer and watch it disintegrate…except for the spine. No kidding, that’s how strong PUR is. PUR is the ideal solution when perfect binding … Read more →

Sense or no sense

Years ago, I worked for a very insightful man who was president and CEO of our company. When we were doing performance evaluations, the employee’s intelligence and academic qualifications would frequently be raised in the evaluation process. The president would brush these attributes aside and ask, is Tom or Carol “maze bright?” Many people had … Read more →

A woman’s printing world

Around the globe, males and females are relatively evenly split. It is estimated that spanning the globe in 2008, there were 101 men for every woman. In Canada, we see 54% of the population as female and the remaining 46% as men. But, with this relative equal balance in our population, how is that print … Read more →

Split personality

The Canadian stock market has had a split personality, repeatedly rising to set new record highs, then falling back again sharply. It’s left many investors wondering whether it’s a bull market – or a bear market. In many ways, it’s both. A closer examination of the benchmark Canadian stock index, the S&P/TSX, shows that the … Read more →

Editor’s notebook – May 2009

The inspirational story of Katie Gajdacs and Aussie Graphics For a relatively small country, Hungary has produced some of the world’s best scientists, composers, explorers and thinkers. And, though she may not be as famous as Neumann János (the father of computers) or composer Franz Lehár, the story of Katie Gajdacs who runs Aussie Graphics … Read more →

For they are jolly good fellows!

What a great month! As part of my responsibilities at Ryerson, I got to take our first year students on an overnight trip to see the Mackenzie Printery and Newspaper Museum in Niagara Falls. The intention of the trip is to allow the students to bond while they are exposed to the history of Canadian … Read more →