Big boy offset

The old Walt Disney song may say “It’s a small world after all,” but for a few Canadian printers, “the world is wide, and I will not waste my life in friction when it could be turned into momentum.” When one thinks of big presses, one immediately thinks about the huge web presses used for … Read more →

Process integration for the graphic arts workflow

With the current state of the economy being affected with flu-like symptoms, there are positive opportunities and ideas, which can be implemented to speed up the recovery process using process integration. The goal in any print media or bindery and finishing company is to maintain a full schedule of profitable work in every shift of … Read more →

Coping with rush jobs

Rush jobs are one of the major problems identified by participants in our time management seminars. The solutions to this problem will also help alleviate many other time issues. I’ve listed the suggestions in the form of an acronym that spells out the words RUSH JOBS. Realize that you can’t do everything. No matter how … Read more →

Excellent results at Grafik’Art Show

Attendance may have been down slightly from the previous show (about 3%), but the over 6,800 who attended the recent Montreal show, as well as many exhibitors, reported good results as they met with more decision-makers and key purchasers. “We had an outstanding show with good traffic in all areas of our booth. We featured … Read more →

Real-time remote press approvals

In addition to the fact that print buyers can do press OKs from the comfort of their office or home, there are many other advantages to remote colour approvals. Digital Imaging Association members and guests were on-hand at Apple Canada’s facility to learn more about LithoTel Software Design’s new software – Remote Colour Approval. When … Read more →

Buyer be-aware

So, you’ve researched the latest technology in pressroom or prepress equipment, determined your needs, considered the environmental aspects and decided on your purchase. The immediate impacts of your decision on your business would require careful planning for the installation. Think of how to reduce the disturbance to current workflow as much as possible. Then, there … Read more →

A case for face-to-face marketing

The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people” —Theodore Roosevelt Think about the people you feel comfortable with. It could be your spouse, other members of your family, colleagues, business associates, customers, and even the mail carrier. What is it about these people that makes … Read more →

CMA National Convention earns positive feedback

The 2009 Canadian Marketing Association National Convention and Showcase Forum April 27-29 brought marketing professionals from across North America to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to learn and discover cost-saving solutions and leading-edge ideas from some of the best marketing experts in the industry. There was a lot of praise from both visitors and exhibitors. … Read more →

JDF’ing great

When JDF was originally rolled out in 1993 by Heidelberg, it was received much the same way most things are in the print industry – with optimistic caution. It sounds wonderful, it’s a brilliant concept, and it will change how we do business, but when? True to the status quo of the industry 16 years … Read more →

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy – June 09

Q. We would like to use Time Capsule for backup, but we may also need to store the backup off site. We have about 100GBs of data we don’t want to lose. Can we also backup the Time Capsule and keep it off site? A. Discussions around backup and archiving can be confusing and people … Read more →

Editor’s notebook – June 2009

Search Engine Optimization – Three words that could mean success or failure in 2009 Sheetal Pinto is a professional with over 15 years of experience in corporate communications and online brand consulting. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, she is the founder and president of MintCopy Inc., a leading Internet marketing and copywriting firm serving clients across … Read more →