PDF Standardizer — the all-in-one solution

pdf-standardizerYou can install and start today with the all-in-one solution PDF Standardizer. This package is built on a combination of technologies offered by Enfocus and Alwan Color Expertise. The best part is that the setup does not require a high level of expertise or training.

The components of PDF Standardizer are packaged versions of well-known existing software:

  • Pitstop Server Preflight and file adjustment
  • Alwan Color Hub Color Technology, Transparency Flattening and Rasterization
  • FullSWITCH’s powerful file management, FTP and email capablility

After the software is installed, a wizard will run when you create your first flow. Basic questions regarding press, colour, total ink coverage, separations, number of pages and more are answered (you can answer “I don’t know” if something doesn’t apply to get a default setting).

A second wizard will ask where the files will be coming from and going to and what actions to take for errors. After all the questions are answered, a flow is automatically configured with folders for In, Out, Reports and Errors. Pitstop Server is configured, the Alwan ColorHub plugin is configured and a PDF Certification is set up for any compliance you may want to use.

Files enter the flow via FTP, hotfolder or email. Files are preflighted using the built-in Pitstop Server, and items that can be fixed are fixed. Pitstop Server can fix compression, embed fonts, set trim and art boxes, 4-colour black type, knockouts, overprints and etc. The file is optimized and is ready to proceed to the next step.

Next is the built-in plugin, ColorHub, where Alwan Color Technology is used to create separations that are optimized for your print process, including GCR with your specified total ink coverage setting. The Alwan ColorHub will apply any ICC profiles you requested in the wizard when separating files. The Alwan Transparency/Rasterization engine is used to finally flatten the file, and the file is then sent to the next step.

The file is passed to the included Pitstop Certification module where your requested compliance is completed. It supports standards such as ISO 15930-1 PDF/X-1a and Ghent PDF Workgroup specifications as well as colour standards such as ISO 12647. From here, the files will pass onto the rest of your production system easily.

If a job has failed, a report is generated outlining the details and the job is redirected. The report can include problems Pitstop was unable to fix, and any concerns from the Color Hub plugin and certification issues.

PDF Standardizer is a solution that removes the high level of training and custom installation that many would rather avoid. This product allows independent installation and setup on an existing server. The product runs on a Mac using Tiger or Leopard. It can run on a PPC G4 or G5, but an Intel core 2 duo Mac is recommended. The package can be downloaded, installed and up and running within an hour. A completely functional trial version is available at both www.alwancolor.com and www.enfocus.com along with movies and manuals to see how it works.