Breathe new life into your offset press

Breathe new life into your pressThere is automation software available that runs as a quiet companion alongside your offset press. This software will breathe new life into your press and actually comes with a money back guarantee for its Return on Investment (ROI) in less than six months. It also guarantees compliance with Process Standard Offset (PSO) certification requirements for the pressroom after a few days in production. This software is easy to install and will not affect the way you work; it will silently watch press production and report when it has moved from your set standards.

Alwan Print Standardizer is the first automated quality control and assurance server system for the pressroom.

Alwan’s Dynamic Press Calibration (DPC) controls and stabilizes the toughest variable, press dot gain. Dot gain is tracked for each press and paper combination and automatically compensates for any drift during the day or over longer periods, keeping production within the set standards to match Fogra39, GRACol or any other printing condition for every job.

Accurate dot gain correction curves are calculated and applied automatically either to the output files or exported directly to the plate setter. Alwan Print Standardizer also continually assesses the press calibration state and issues warnings via email when something is wrong in the printing process. Production or maintenance personnel can be alerted to an ink problem, excessively high or low dot gain on a unit, imbalance in dot gain between units or other anomalies.

“In these cost-conscious times, it’s refreshing to hear that you don’t need to invest in expensive new presses to significantly boost the quality and productivity of your set-up. Alwan’s policy has always been about helping printers get the most from their existing equipment. Print Standardizer gives offset presses unequaled stability, ensures that they work at maximum capacity and delivers results that are compliant with applicable international standards such as ISO 12647-2,” says Elie Khoury, founder and CEO of Alwan Color Expertise.

ISO conformance and reporting is included with Print Standardizer 1.2. The software will create a report for a sheet for your customer from their press and can then later produce a report for the entire job on completion.

Print Standardizer works with many measuring devices: X-Rite IntelliTrax, X-Rite EasyTrax, X-Rite ATS, Komori PDC-SII or Heidelberg Image Control for conventional presses and prepress measuring devices X-Rite iSis, iO, EyeOne Pro, SpectroScan via MeasureTool and ColorPort software for digital presses. Control Strip data is automatically imported from the press console PC, and it automatically calibrates one or several presses with different paper stocks per press. Any control strip can be read so work methods aren’t affected upon installation.

The software works with averaged data so make- ready information and any anomalies are thrown away when calculating. Average measurements from different papers of the same type and different presses of the same size are used. This allows flexible last minute choice of printing press and paper.

Alwan Print Standardizer also incorporates the 2008 InterTech award-winning Dynamic DeviceLinks technology. Print Standardizer enables printers to reduce make-ready times, match clients’ standard proofs and dramatically cut waste paper and ink consumption. The impact of the solution is impressive – overall pressroom productivity and profitability typically increases by an average of 15 per cent.

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