Inkjet proofing systems

Inkjet proofing has come a long way over the past 10 years and is now fully accepted in the prepress and creative arena. But what are the options, and what should we consider when looking for a proofing system? Let’s look at some of the leading contenders.

CGS Color Tuner

ORIS Color Tuner is a complete proofing system, combining automation, colour management, high-speed output and proofing-specific ink and paper. With ORIS, you can create contract quality proofs on affordable inkjet devices.

Winner of the GATF InterTech Award, ORIS Color Tuner was the first system of its kind to be SWOP and FOGRA certified (and PPA accredited) for Epson and Canon devices. Its features include a Setup Wizard, automatic colour matching and automatic printer calibration, so that anyone (not just the colour gurus!) can easily calibrate a proofer. Color Tuner has selective colour correction to adjust for inherent inkjet behavior, as well as independent spot colour handling and support for Hexachrome, for proofing accuracy in commercial printing and packaging environments. Multiple printers can be handled from a single system, and colour-accurate imposition proofing is included.

ORIS also has a ScreenDot option for colour-accurate screened proofs. It also accepts all major digital file formats, making it ideal for any prepress system. An integrated ORIS Soft Proof option offers remote proofing at agency and print buyer sites.


EFI Colorproof XF is a professional-level RIP that enables you to mange colour by providing you with all the tools to produce accurate proofs including producing ISO 12647-7/8 compliant validation printing and contract proofing. The solution caters to ad agencies, prepress businesses, publishers, newspapers, packaging companies, full-service printing houses, semi-professional photographers and print shops.

The EFI Colorproof XF enables users to build in colour-controlled proofing throughout the prepress and printing process. Using universally-accepted ICC profiles, EFI Colorproof XF creates a fast, flexible workflow for accurate, repeatable colour and can be fully configured to meet exacting proofing and output requirements.


GMG has just recently announced the launch of a proofing system comprising of Canon’s brand-new imagePROGRAF iPF8300/iPF6350/iPF6300 inkjet printers and supported by GMG ColorProof, GMG FlexoProof XG and GMG DotProof XG contone and halftone proofing solutions.

GMG’s ColorProof contone proofing software and the FlexoProof XG and DotProof XG halftone proofing modules enable the GMG/Canon proofing system to achieve maximum colour accuracy and repeatability. GMG DotProof and GMG FlexoProof produce genuine, colour-accurate halftone proofs by directly processing 1-bit imagesetter data. As a result, this new system is perfectly suitable for advertising, where halftone reproduction and offset printing replication is required.

According to Detlef Frey, prepress operator at Heinendruck, Düsseldorf, “The printer driver, which GMG has developed specifically for this printer, allows absolute accuracy in simulating the printing result on our presses, while the software and hardware are very easy to operate. In particular, the extremely intuitive calibration process, guaranteeing outstanding consistency and repeatability, doesn’t require extensive know-how.”


If you are looking to do double-sided proofing, the ImpoProof line of Imposition Proofers are the fastest devices and use two Canon iPF 8000S 1200 × 2400 dpi printers. The ImpoProof 8000S system gives you the fastest double-sided output available. Up to 20 backed up forms per hour at 1200 dpi.

The unique camera registration system ensures that ImpoProof achieves an unmatched level of accuracy. ImpoProof’s proprietary ImageProcessor Module accepts the widest range of file formats. The onscreen preview of your form is a standard feature, which can reduce costly errors. The ink reduction, colour calibration and superior screening technology features are integral to producing the highest quality proofs.

ImpoProof connects to all prepress systems used in the industry today, including Prinergy, Rampage, Nexus, TrueFlow, PrintDrive, Harlequin, PrePage-it, Prinect, EskoGraphics and Brisque.

Kodak MatchPrint

The Kodak MatchPrint system has been around for some time, consisting of the Kodak Proofing Software, Kodak MatchPrint Inkjet Media, workflow connectivity, workstations and one of the latest drop-on-demand inkjet printers, the MatchPrint Inkjet System, which allows you to generate reliable proofs easily and consistently.

The Kodak RIP connects seamlessly to Kodak Prinergy workflow systems and also allows for a certified proofing process control for colour confirmation. The software is easy to use and includes a calibration wizard that enables you to quickly and accurately calibrate your printer for consistency proof-to-proof and proofer-to-proofer. The software also supports industry standards including SWOP, FOGRA and GRACoL.