Entrepreneurship in print: a family affair


Initially when I was thinking about entrepreneurship, I wanted to write about the young and exciting minds opening start-up companies in our industry. After all, a large majority of the printing industry is made up of small firms with less than 99 employees. In my mind, three friends in a garage, screen printing t-shirts for rock bands was somehow the quintessential example of an entrepreneur. Then I started to think some more about the landscape of the printing industry. All reports indicate that print is primarily male and aging. This group of experienced males holds a majority of our industry in their hands. Why should we care?

For the record: George Mazzaferro

This month I chatted with George Mazzaferro, owner of RP Graphics in Mississauga, to find out how he differentiates his business from competitors and what his thoughts are for the future of print.

Your company has been around for more than 30 years. What do you think are some of the attributes and secrets to its longevity?

The dawn of a new era in print

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In a previous feature in Graphic Arts Magazine, Dr. Joe Webb, a 30-year veteran of the graphic arts industry, emphasized that “the companies or applications that would have been the ‘old guard’ seem to get into a lot of trouble.

Standardize with PrintTalk

If you are working with developers to implement online systems for job delivery and e-commerce, make sure you are leading them in the right direction. Many storefront developers have prepackaged design systems on the front end and a management system on the back end. They know little about the print manufacturing process and existing standards, and this creates a hurdle for print providers. Know what your standards are and ask for them.

Printing skin cells with inkjet technology

In 2005, we wrote about a fascinating new technology being developed at that time at the University of Manchester in England, where scientists were in the process of developing a technique through which inkjet nozzles would spray live human cells onto a patient.

Featured markets: Consumables: Ink and Soft Proofing

There have been a lot of really exciting developments in ink technology lately. Especially in the last couple of months, a lot of interesting products have surfaced from some of the big manufacturers. Inks today go far beyond your typical CMYK – now we’ve got silver inks, invisible inks, dry inks, clear inks, environmental inks and inks that can produce a wider colour gamut than ever before!

What print buyers want

The Digital Imaging Association holds regularly scheduled educational sessions that offer attendees a dependable way to stay current with the industry. The DIA achieves this by asking experts in various fields to address topics of interest to the membership. Members who attend our sessions often remark on how informative our technical-based presentations are. But, technology is of greatest value when the marketplace wants to buy the services it enables.

Know when to fold ‘em

Which is more difficult: putting ink on paper, or proper job preparation and communication? For most printers, it is the latter. The same is true for binderies. Printers (and their customers) can plan for success by coordinating with their bindery early in the job-preparation stage.

Nine reasons prospects don’t return your calls

Some cold calling experts suggest that you leave a message when you receive a prospect’s voicemail. Unfortunately, many salespeople feel that this is an exercise in futility because most of the time their prospect does not call them back. If that sounds familiar, here are nine reasons why your prospects don’t return your calls.

Make sure print is relevant

Recently, I had the pleasure of travelling to Vancouver for Design Week to take part in the Icograda Design Currency conference. Vancouver’s design community is amazing, and while we do great corporate work in Toronto, western Canada seems to have a very organic quality. The conference was full of young artists listening to the talks while constantly doodling concepts in their Moleskine notebooks.

View from the publisher – June 2010

The IPEX Show in Birmingham, England has just concluded and judging from all reports it was a good show with solid attendance. Speaking of trade shows, be sure you mark October 3 – 6, 2010 on your events calendar. That’s when the 2010 edition of GraphExpo will be held once again at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Graphic Arts Magazine will be there, so be sure to drop by our booth.