Personalized URLs: What makes them tick


The use of personalized URLs as the latest way to grab attention and market products started as a trickle and turned into a flood.

These URLs take recipients to their own individual landing pages (www.janesfurniture/bobsmith). There, recipients enter personalized mini-sites that greet them by name, personalize pages based on their stated preferences or information from the marketer’s database and record visitors’ behavior while on the site. Sites can range from extremely simple to vastly complex.

For the record: Michael Makin

This month I had the opportunity to chat with Michael Makin, president and CEO of Printing Industries of America (PIA), to discuss how process automation and social media are important tools that many printers still aren’t utilizing.

JDF Technology Seminar

On Thursday, June 17th, CIP4 and the School of Graphic Communications Management held a day-long JDF technology seminar at Ryerson University in Toronto. Experts came from the U.S. and around Canada to educate over 70 industry professionals who attended on the latest developments in workflow automation and JDF technology.

Featured markets: Packaging / RFID / Barcodes / QR Codes

Every month, when I sit down to write Featured markets, I look at the topics and think about which companies in the industry have recently done something interesting within those markets. This month’s subjects centre around packaging, RFID, barcodes and QR Codes, which leaves the door open a little bit to try something different.

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy – July 2010

I’m thinking of buying an iPad. What size should I get?

The iPad is really a great device to use and I recommend them to everyone. At this point, the iPad is only available for purchase from Apple’s retail and online stores. You can also buy them in Canada at Best Buy and Future Shop as well. AppleCare is also available for them.

The morphing of camera video

There is a real sense of excitement taking place in the video arena recently. The world of video and video production has reached a new point in its development; and it is changing the modes of capture themselves in an incredible and ground-breaking way; a point that sees still photography mediums morphing into the world of video in a visually stunning and a technologically exciting way.

Preparing images for press

If you are one of the millions of people that think converting to CMYK simply means going to Image / Mode / CMYK and viola you have a CMYK image ready for press, you may want to think again. The reality is that there are numerous flavours of CMYK, from Web to Sheetfed and coated to uncoated. Simply choosing the default may not be your best choice. The goal is to target your image using the correct flavour of CMYK. But what are the specific printing conditions or flavours? Lets break them down.

More productive, creative, organized, cutting edge

I would like to kick off this issue by first officiating summer! While for some of us this mainly means that the weather is better, for others (primarily students and teachers) this is a very different time of year. I state this fact not to gloat (okay partially to gloat) but rather to take a look at some important business issues. First, some of the best learning that students do happens in the summer. Second, while you start getting inundated with vacation requests from staff, you should plan. The summer is a great opportunity to give your staff a well-deserved break, and to become a teacher for a knowledge-hungry student.

View from the publisher – July 2010

It’s been a busy summer on many fronts. In one of the biggest takeovers in our industry’s history, Wisconsin-based Quad/Graphics will acquire World Color Press (formerly Quebecor World) of Montreal. The agreement was to be finalized at press time and is still subject to the approval of the Québec Superior Court, but no bumps in the road are expected.

My customer asked me: “What kinds of clever packaging exist today?”

Those who know me know I love outside-of-the-box ideas. From design concepts, to interesting uses for everyday products, to fun, quirky (and sometimes useless) merchandise. I love it all! I also enjoy finding clever and interestingly packaged products. Smart businesses and intelligent marketers are always trying to set themselves apart from their competition, which not only means differentiating the products and services they provide, but also ways in which these products are packaged.