TransPromo printing has received a fair amount of attention in the past few years, and continues to be promoted by vendors and industry consultants as an excellent growth opportunity for printers in times of diminishing revenues. However, it seems that while opportunity is knocking for both printers and marketers, not many are answering the call just yet.

Print World 2010 preview

Print World: The World of Shorter-Run Printing is the biggest show of its kind in North America. Especially with the expanding implementation of digital presses, the shorter-run market is rapidly growing. In 2008, the show welcomed nearly 10,000 attendees. This year, from November 20-22, Print World will be presented at the Direct Energy Centre in downtown Toronto with over 125,000 square feet of exhibition space.

For the record – Frank Romano

This month I had the opportunity to chat with renowned industry expert Frank Romano to discuss the future of printing trade shows, and what opportunities and challenges lie ahead for printers.

What are you most looking forward to seeing at Print World?

Automation tricks for on-demand workflow

I was surprised to hear that some shops are still using postscript files to send to their presses, printers and copiers because they want to use the “Number of Copies” feature for their on-demand workflows. This process works just fine; however, in a PDF workflow it is an extra step.

The PDF alone does not have any features for printing a number of copies, but there are many ways to get multiple copies or page count information into RIPs, including older ones. Here are some examples of automation strategies for a number of different configurations:

Canon EXPO 2010 showcases digital printing technology

Canon EXPO 2010 took place September 1-3 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, with the theme being “We Speak Image.” This once-every-five-year event that Canon puts on for customers, partners and dealers drew nearly 3,000 invited customers and dealers to see the latest in current and future digital printing technology before the show makes its appearance in Tokyo and Paris later this year.

Featured markets: Consumables: paper & substrates and digital printers

Consumables: Paper & Substrates

Many people involved in the world of print have a special relationship with paper. Be it the designers, the production coordinators, the printers themselves or the end-user, the selected stock for any job is carefully considered, and inevitably faces tough scrutiny. They will carefully judge its thickness and weight, its brightness and its opacity; they may even smell it and caress it lovingly. I, for one, enjoy stopping by the paper supplier booths at trade shows to see the vast array of colours and textures available, and maybe even snag a sample or two. This passion for paper is well justified though. After all, it is an integral piece in the print puzzle; it is the substrate that carries the printed message.

Graphic Arts’ IT Guy – October 2010

The disk space on my Mac is almost full and I’d like to store our family photos on an external drive and store the family videos from my second MacBook on the storage device as well. How can we move the files if we get an external drive or Mac Mini Server?

10 networking blunders that cost you sales

Networking is a critical skill in sales; after all, the more people you connect with the more sales opportunities you create. However, many salespeople make a variety of mistakes that prevent them from maximizing the power of networking. Here are 10 blunders and mistakes you need to avoid.

My customer asked me

“What kinds of clever packaging exist today (part 3 of 3)?”

In this third and final look at unique packaging ideas, the power of packaging is exemplified. The examples below perform double duty by containing the item for sale, as well as going the extra mile to catch the consumer off guard. All of the products mentioned (from speakers to sneakers) are everyday items that have been brought to life and are uniquely positioned on store shelves because of their packaging. Let’s take a look at the downright quirky and “unexpected” examples below.

New-found optimism

With the first month of classes over, I’ve had an opportunity for some interesting reflection. In my first-year class, the incoming group of students was greeted with the statement, “print is dead,” and asked to agree or disagree. The discussion led to many examples showing how deeply print is integrated into their lives. There were various types of comments from “I prefer books,” to “magazine readership is on the rise,” to “my cereal will always come in a package.” This was significant to me because these are students who are mostly born in the ’90s. They have grown up with all things digital. It’s the start of a great year, I thought.

View from the publisher – October 2010

Members of my staff and I will be at Graph Expo in Chicago October  3–6 meeting with old friends, making new ones, networking and learning all we can about what’s new in the printing and graphic arts industry. So far, we’ve heard some exciting news about new technology, clever marketing initiatives and great deals offered at the show. It never fails to amaze me how innovative companies can be as they adapt to an ever-changing industry landscape.