Graph Expo sights and highlights

Early in the morning on Sunday, October 3, I perched with my camera on the second floor balcony of McCormick Place to watch as the show opened below. In the year that’s passed since Print 09, things haven’t exactly been easy in the print industry, which made me a little nervous to see what the vibe for this year’s show would be like. We’ve had ups and downs – that’s for certain. But, as I zoomed in on the rapidly gathering crowd, I could see eagerness, smiling faces and an excited group of people ready for the show to begin.

Then as the clock struck 10:00 a.m. and the flood gates opened – to the familiar “ping” sound of the badge scanners – I joined the masses to get my first look at the show floor. And what a show it was! With Xerox to your left and HP to your right, you were immediately met with bright lights and equipment all fired up and ready to go. As I walked down the seemingly-endless aisles, I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of positivity and spirit for print, from both exhibitors and attendees alike – and the show had hardly even begun.

In the days that followed, the atmosphere was consistent. The crowds fluctuated up and down, of course, but everyone who came to the show looked excited to be there. There was something different that happened this year, too. A number of the exhibitors I talked with noticed it as well. Attendees seemed to be much more focused this time around, and rather than just coming to wander, they knew exactly what they were looking for and did their research ahead of time.

There were a couple of really neat trends that surfaced this year. A number of people had QR codes printed on the back of their business card! What a good idea. People with a smartphone can scan these codes, taking them directly to the person’s website or LinkedIn profile. There was also a real community going on via Twitter. There were thousands of tweets happening live from seminars, press conferences and from visitors to the show en masse who posted pictures, videos and updates live as it happened. By now, we’re sure you’ve been updated on the major news from the show. So, in this article, we would like to try something a little different. Rather than tell you about the event, we would like to show you what happened, and let the photos do the talking.

To see all the photos from the show, check out Graphic Arts Magazine’s Facebook page by clicking here. You’ll be able to view photo albums of this year’s trade shows, and stay up to date on all the latest news from!


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  1. Kristen! I just stumbled upon this entry now and must say it was very well written! I enjoyed this story because I could feel the excitement and read it as if I was there. It is refreshing to hear of the excitement that is taking place in the industry and how it is keeping up to date with the technological trends. Thanks for the update and as always I enjoy reading your reports!