Large-format multi-function inkjet printers

large-format multifunction printersThere has been some game changing announcements from the manufacturers of inkjet plotters recently. Both Canon and HP have introduced new technical inkjet devices that are giving LED technologies a run for their money. These integrated systems are ideal for users wishing to archive, e-mail, or copy large-format prints. These systems can be incorporated into a variety of markets including CAD, AEC, GIS and pay-for-print; they can also be used for countless applications such as maps, blueprints, OCR, copying raster to vector conversions, photographs, artwork paintings, drawings, court documents, newsprint and etc.

“These LF inkjet [Multi Function Printer] MFP devices are very portable, allowing users to use any of the MFP components separately,” notes Steve Blanken, director of corporate marketing with Contex. “One of the big advantages of this technology is the single footprint floor space it takes up, with easy-to-use features requiring no special power arrangements. The quality has now greatly improved, size is shrinking, and it is now possible for employees not initiated in the equipment’s functionality to simply stride up to a machine and begin operation,” he says.

These wide-format MFP devices are putting a lot of pressure on the LED MF printer market by the fact that they now offer fast output up to 60′ wide for increased productivity, the cost of operation has also gone way down (there is no click charge per copy with the inkjet MFP devices) and you can print on a much larger range of media.

Canon – Contex Scan-to Copy-Print Solution

Canon, in conjunction with DCC, has recently introduced a new line of price performance technical MFP solutions. These systems offer wide-format MFP devices ranging in sizes from 24″, 36″ and 44″ up to 60″, and they offer high speeds with great accuracy at an exceptional value.

The SCANprint SD system features a Canon iPF710 36″ printer with 44″ Contex colour scanner and creates a new benchmark in speed, quality and ease-of-use all in a single, compact footprint. The SCANprint SD system provides your workflow with a space-conscious design, high-speed printing, scanning and copying as well as document archiving, scan-to-email and scan-to-file capabilities making it a must have for any modern design office! All systems have fully upgradable components available at time of or after purchase. The SCANprint SD has a Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of $12,750.

The smaller SCANprint XD system is a highly productive D-size colour MFP system, which is also available with fully upgradable components (available at time of or after purchase). It is ideal for construction drawings, survey plans and business graphics. You can now scan, print and e-mail in full-colour with no hidden meter charges and a 500-foot media capacity. This system meets all Energy Star requirements. The SCANprint XD has a MSRP of $7,550.

HP Scan to Copy-Print Solution

Upon attending Print World this week, even though the T2300 was not present on the floor, I learned of two new technical cad printer models from HP; the HP T2300 eMultifunction Printer (eMFP) and the HP T7100. Both of these new printers are called breakthrough products by HP based on their price performance, speed, versatility and total cost of ownership.

The HP T2300 eMFP is a 42″ roll plotter with a fully integrated Scanner (36″) for scanning and copying colour documents. Included with the hardware comes new software tools that let users scan and print to and from the Cloud! It also allows users to utilize to the device with a laptop or a USB drive and print or capture documents with a simple user-friendly interface. Something like an iphone interface. The HP T2300 eMFP Printer Series has a MSRP of around $12,900.

HP also introduced the HP Designjet T7100 printer, a high-speed monochrome and colour printing system. “Today’s announcement is much more than a printer, it is a tool to transform the design process,” says Christopher Morgan, senior vice-president, Graphics Solutions Business, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “With the HP ePrint platform extended to the technical market, design professionals now can focus on building and executing their ideas, rather than on managing cumbersome design and print processes.”

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  1. Hi I am an artist looking for a MFP 36″ for my art work that can also print on canvas ,any advice would be greatly appreciated.